‘Someone’s In the Kitchen With Faaatherrr’

My dad and I are a lot a like but we rarely are ever together like we were today. I was asked to fry some chicken tonight and so dad comes in after I was getting ready to prep everything asking if it was okay for him to share a few tips with me. I could feel the inner inner me about to say no that’s okay but I decided that today would NOT be the day to stay the same and step out of my comfort zone…even if it was a tiny little peek.

Well, besides learning how to cook some seriously AWESOME fried chicken, I gained a bit of insight on myself. That I do have a willing spirit to cha-….enhance myself. That’s what I said to him while we were talking. That I try not to look at myself as needing to change, because, like I said in previous posts before, people are a variety for a reason (and ya’ll may hear me say that a lot more lol). We need to be encouraged that we are who we are for a reason and not everybody will be the one in the spotlight and not everyone will be meant for doing work behind the scenes. I look at my necessary “changes” as enhancing myself. It’s okay to be who I am, I don’t need to change, I just need to enhance. And when I say enhance, what I mean is that I need to learn how to make my weaknesses work for me and not against me. From now on, enhance is my word. lol Okay!?

My dad, my parents, really people in general, rarely hear that kind of insight out of me and I felt good with finally being able to express some of the real things that are locked deep inside my mind.

Perhaps this blog really is helping. 🙂

And thank you to all those that read, subscribe, and like. It really makes my heart smile when I know there are people out there (even one) who cares what I have to say.

~ thinkblind ~


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