Moment of Silence…

Yesterday after getting off of the bus, not too long after I made it to the other side of the street, a wreck happened right where I had been. If I had been standing over there, I probably wouldn’t have gotten  a slamming impact of a hit since it happened more in the road, but the car did roll up on the sidewalk where I was.

Talk about some shock.

For some reason, I count that as a near death experience because a good friend of mine died the same way. She was crossing the street, early in the morning to get to school, and a student driver was speeding down the street and hit her so hard she flipped over the car. She died later that day at the hospital.

Boy was that some sad news to hear over the intercom. What a way to begin the day eh? I wasn’t super super close to her, but we did talk in ninth grade. She was nice and had a generally humble attitude and everyone knew her. And later that night, I went home and cried about it. She wasn’t even my best friend and I was crying over it. Which is weird because death never usually hits me like that. I don’t cry over someone’s death until…months…possibly even years afterwards. Even for family members.

It still makes me wonder why her particular death hit me so dramatically, I still don’t cry at funerals like that. I don’t know, maybe because we seemed a lot alike at the time…and now I’ll never really get to know her. And see if we really were alike like I thought. Yeah, life comes at you fast.

Yeah, I guess yesterday was Earth Day? Well…happy late earth day. And RIP…friend. 🙂


And P.S. nobody got hurt in the wreck. 🙂

~ thinkblind ~


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