I Wanna Be Like You!

That has to be the most flattering comment ever, but a lot of times, I don’t want people to tell me that.

Not that I’m trying to be stingy with my personality… wait…what? lol

But because I’ve already been done. And in a few years, I’ll be old news to everyone and everything I did and have done and probably even the things I will do. No, you must be yourself, whoever that is. I’ve already been done, my legacy is already in progress, my unique creativity has already arrived in the world.

True, their probably won’t be a dynamic change in who you are from someone else and you’ll probably always remind someone of somebody else, but everybody is still uniquely put together and that’s what makes being an individual…an individual. It’s not that you have to create something new and exciting and never been done before with yourself…you just have to be true to yourself.

And that’s what makes you memorable.

Believe me. Took me years to figure out that one. lol

I’m sure who you are is all squiggly noodles and carrots, don’t worry. We got enough chickens. lol! Even if who you are is someone you think no one will appreciate, be you anyways. Eventually, they will start appreciating you. It sounds corny and something parents should say…but just be the best you that you can.


Because honestly, you are all you’re ever gonna be. So make it a good thing. 🙂


~ thinkblind ~


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