He Ain’t Down, And He Ain’t Out!

Me and this doggone Anonyman!!!

I should probably stop writing to this, but it’s annoying and exciting in these terribly confusing ways! He’s being a lot more direct and giving me alot more attention, more than I originally beckoned for honestly. It makes me feel weird that things are trying to happen and what makes me feel weirder is that he won’t stop until it happens.

I thought for sure he would’ve given up by now.

Every other guy did!

I guess that’s what makes him different and very attractive in my eyes. But how long will it take before that trait starts to annoy me?

This past Thursday, he really made sure I got it straight and just came out and hugged me. Just waiting for me to come up the steps, I couldn’t escape. I couldn’t find a detour exit, and since I’m so tall ya’ll know I can’t sneak! lol It was just a little hug but it’s still got me circling around with butterflies. You know that saying “there’s always somebody somewhere who dreams of your smile”? I always thought that was a lie. But it makes my heart tingle knowing that hey…that may actually be true. But after observing many guys and how they try and interact with me, I concluded that it’s true that their visual creatures and they’ll easily forget about you if you’re not…outstanding enough. And since I’m generally quiet, I thought that would make me easily forgettable…especially to someone like Anonyman.

I’m telling, this guy is everywhere! We’re probably like polar opposites when it comes to personality. He’s very outgoing, very out there, very lead-you-out-of-the-forest-and-shield-your-eyes-I’ll-protect-you-from-the-aliens type of guy. A guy that just keeps going like some kinda energizer bunny. Me? I tire out very fast, I have a short attention span, he knows that I’m not very outgoing and he should know that for a fact cause every time he sees me I’m ALWAYS by myself, usually somewhere writing or listening to my iPod. You could just read it in his face, he’s a very social butterfly and probably really loves people….I mean like 24/7. Me? I’m a caterpillar that’s screaming for everyone to shut up while I chill in my cocoon. lol! I’m quiet, he’s definitely not. I’m private and he’s most likely not as private as I am. So I just really want to know what’s keeping him stringing along? What’s keeping him so intrigued and keeping his eyes incredibly shiny every time he sees me? This is the mathematical equation that will never be solved. lol

I don’t know. I gotta admit though, he’s got some serious persistence in him. I know I like him, but I’m just kinda taken aback that he likes me too. And even more shocked that he hasn’t moved on yet….ummmmm?


~ thinkblind ~


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