When You Can Call Things Your Own…

Don’t it feel GOOD!!!!?

I’m usually the one that has to borrow everything. But it doesn’t mean I always do. Many times I’ll go without it until I can find a way to get it myself. And if you read my last post, then you know I just got me a new…sorta…laptop from the pawn shop. Okay it’s not fresh out the factory but it many ways it’s GREAT and I’m glad I gave it a chance! I also got a new phone, which was also cheap. It was on sale (lol) but I love it so much even though the battery power is already causing me grief. But I’ll work around it in some way.

I just love when I get the chance to say it’s MINE. I can use it when I want to, hog it when I want to, share it when I want to, I say the who’s, whats, and how’s at every single intersection. lol People take that for granted when all their lives they’ve had their own stuff. If it wasn’t for me being taller than my sister, I would’ve had a closet full of hand-me-downs. Thank goodness we always had our own rooms growing up. Even the things I did were following in her footsteps because she did it first and all that of which I don’t really cared about.

My thing was, everything I did or had was always tagged to someone else. It just seemed like my life was always dependent on others for…everything. I love getting things for myself which is probably why I have a hard time with asking folks for alot of things. I mean, people can be great helpers, but if you keep asking’em…that’s a whole ‘notha story. And many’a times I’d just rather not be the person whose being a burden and just do without it until I can find a way to get my own.

This computer has to be the biggest accomplishment EVER. YAAAY! Makes me feel I can do anything now.

Like try and get my license.

Yes, yes, I am a twenty year old who still hasn’t gotten her license yet. But that changes this year.

I need a car ASAP.


~ thinkblind ~


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