Yaaaay For Pawn Shops!! lol

This is just a bit of a shrieking post because I FINALLY got me own LAPTOP!!!!

Okay, it’s not brand new fresh without a touch. I did get it from the pawn shop but if anything, it’s better than what I would’ve gotten out of a box…you know, for the budget I was working with. lol

It cost me $400 bucks, is a 6 gb, runs fast and has so much space! I have all of my music on here (finally got a chance to update my ipod lol) and it’s still going strong! I love this thing. It’s an HP Pavillion and since I work on HP computers at school, I figured this would be a great buy to help me with my 3D modeling projects at home (I’m going to school for 3D Animation lol). This was a nice buy to have everything come with it (McAfee, iTunes was already downloaded, and a bunch of other stuff some of which I uninstalled) for $400? I think I made out very well! Some of the other computers I was considering were like a couple hundred more with half the specs this laptop came with.


Check out your Pawn Shop. You could be thoroughly surprised. 🙂



~ thinkblind ~


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