♥ Kids


They don’t worry about anything, don’t care about anything, they live in the moment every single second. They jump and be silly, they cry….VERY loudly, they have no respect for the norm and don’t care to know. Always walking about with their heads and the clouds, never really dreaming about what they’ll be one day in the future, but more likely what they’ll be doing tomorrow. Everything with them is so carefree.

I went to a little picnic with a few friends yesterday and even though there were others my age and my mom and another family friend, I don’t know…adults and I just don’t “click” all the time….Horrible isn’t it?

But kids and I hit it off GREAT!

It was really just these two little girls, one little girl who I’m always playing with and another one that I had just been introduced to. They were getting loud and rowdy while everyone else was trying to talk, so I had the two girls come by me and we made a big ol’ flower out of these big tree leaves and had this unbloomed (sp?) gardenia flower as the center of it. lol And after that we played some….kickball? I guess, and I felt so good and free. I was running all over the place…Didn’t even know I had it in me cause I don’t run very often…not even for the bus. -__-”

But as I played with them, alot of my worries flew out the window. There turned out to be many onlookers watching me chase the youngest girl all around the park yelling “stop that ball hogger!!!” and they were all smiling and laughing, and for once I felt…free. I felt free of all the things I had learned to be acceptable and normal…..I was a kid again. A straight up 4 year old.

And loved every minute of it.



That’s why I love kids.

Forget them being immature.


In my opinion, they’re in a better position than I am. Life is supposed to be happy….not necessarily….tamed.


~ thinkblind ~


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