Give Yourself Some Credit

You know, I feel that alot of times people can get used to making themselves seem equal to others so that we won’t get looked at as being conceited, or arrogant, or anything else that is not deemed socially acceptable…or just flat out annoying. And with people who do that constantly (such as me) it starts becoming habitual til you forget the things you are good at. Sometimes, even if you are good at something you don’t feel you’re good enough because there’s always someone better than you just as there is always someone worse than you.

This week, I’m giving myself a whole heck of alot of credit! I passed a major exam and got certified for this Adobe Photoshop thing that I didn’t even think was important, I’ve gotten a customer to sign up for this credit card thing at my store, and been getting good customer service report, finished crocheting my now favorite BEANIE, and some other things.

The issues, though, between Anoynman and I are not resolved like I thought they were. Actually….they are VERY unresolved. But other than that, yeah. My projects at school are getting better and better and people are starting to realize that I like putting my plans to actions and when I have something to do, more than likely I’m gonna work towards making the best that I can. I’m like an underdog…everywhere I go I’m a freakin underdog, nobody seems to expect me to put out the results that I do…Is that a good thing?

But I guess my main downfall was always hearing that positive feedback from someone else and not myself.

I don’t really give myself any credit…I always want someone else to give me credit for what I do because I guess…in a since…that’s still me maintaining my equal outlook and making me socially acceptable.

But today, I’m pretty darn proud of myself. For a whole lot of things. *pat*


Gone ahead and give yourself some credit!


~ thinkblind ~


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