Slip ‘n Falls

The ultimate life lesson is simply to learn.

Learn from our mistakes, learn to test new obstacles and get burned in the process, learn what makes us happy and what makes us freak out, and continually exercise our right to learn. Especially when it comes to correcting yourself and learning from your mistakes.

Lets face it, we all slip and all. Every single minute of everyday of our lives. We just wake up and slip and fall but hey, Crap happens. Crap happens to good people. Crap always happens to good people! That’s what makes them GOOD people because they’re continuously breaking through the barriers of the Wrong. Could Good People = Rebellious? Since 9/10 times we kinda go against the flow, we stand out, we’re noticed…picked on…maybe. But who isn’t?

But yeah, we all slip and fall. Some harder than others. Some take longer to bounce back, some never bounce back. But it’s all about how we learn from those falls and what we do to get through it. And when we are finally able to stand from that slip’n fall, we’re even more prepared for the next slip’n fall.


Cause let’s face it, you know it’s coming.


What do you think?



~ thinkblind ~


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