2 Year Anniversary!

So I’ve been on wordpress for 2 years already? Wow, I definitely haven’t been keeping track of that. WordPress notified me yesterday… weird, I don’t remember getting a first year notification. But then again, I wasn’t really blogging too much…just following blogs I guess. Well, reading them. lol But this blog itself is just getting off the ground, it’s only like 2 or 3 months old. And yet, my longest and strongest blog has to be Six~Foot~Cotton. Six~Foot~Cotton though is my oldest blog…I think I’ve struck a year with it already? Yeah, it was a year in April. 🙂 It is my art outlet blog…well, these days it’s more writing than anything, and lately I haven’t wrote much to it.

But that was it! See? I can be committed. lol

~ thinkblind ~


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