Becoming a Graphic Designer??

You know it’s funny. I’m going to school with the intention of getting into either Graphic Designing or something within the 3D Animation field. I wanted to do animations, but lately I’m beginning to grow fond of modelling characters. Texturing them…eh…Though I do like to do it, I mean, I color all the time. But I guess it’s cool when giving your characters a distinction but anyways that’s not where I’m getting at.

I went into this thinking to myself “I want to do a job that keeps me behind the scenes…I don’t like being in the upfront…I don’t want to have to be in front of people and blah..blah..” and so I started looking up what are some things it would take to become a graphic designer. Just you know, trying to fulfill a curious thought. And besides the few things that I knew would take like knowledge of different programs and the concept of making a good design, resolutions and how to print you know all the things that just automatically come to your head when you think DESIGN, I also saw that it takes a LOT of selling yourself. A LOT of marketing, a LOT of putting yourself out there, things that I don’t have much experience in.

So I got kinda worried. lol

I mean I signed up for the exact job I didn’t want. But I guess with any job these days it’s constantly selling yourself, constant competition, constant changing and learning about everything since life seems to change every 30 seconds.

I mean don’t get me wrong, I love doing what I do in school. And I am starting to show my animations on my other blog Six~Foot~Cotton and I guess you could say that I’m starting to “sell myself” in that way. I guess I do publicize on that blog alot about what I do in class.

And it’s not just that. While in school, we have different staff members who come to us to do actual projects already. I’ve done about 4 of them already, and they were all satisfied with lots of thumbs ups and mula! lol So I guess I am kinda getting myself out there but to me, that’s not really a test. It won’t be a TEST til I get out there to do it my doggone self, that’s what I’m worried about. Dealing with people I really don’t know and trying to extract the image from their head and get it on paper. Dealing with more emotions, more criticism, constant feedback and then having to constantly learn and relearn these software programs and on top of that have to fight to get a decent career that will be able to feed me every week.

Don’t get me wrong I love doing the work… but how do you make a career out of it? Til sometimes I wonder, why am I in school for it? I would be the person “cutting corners” in that aspect so to speak. Okay, I’m cheating a little bit attending a little technical school and getting a certificate and not an actual degree. I don’t know, I might switch and pull to get into a little community college and try to get an associates degree or something but I just didn’t want to be in school for that darn long! I wanted to get it and be done with it. If I need to go to school for another 2-4 years to even be considered, hell then what were the FIRST 12 YEARS FOR?!!! Just wasting my time…time that I don’t know if I really have to splurge like that, feel me?

I’m the type of person that prefers experience over education. Always have been. I feel you could know every word in the book down to letter organization, but if you can’t show that in action, or you know your “knowledge” overwhelms your “creativity“…really then, what use was the education? I think that’s why job finding is so hard now cause everyone is beginning to gain the creativity and then there are those with the knowledge AND creativity and employers can actually have their cakes and eat them too…Down to the last bit of frosting… =/

I guess for now I’ll just keep my head in school and see where I go from here. I should start asking around and putting myself out there to make flyers and posters and whatever else I can think of but…I’m scared. And on top of that I wouldn’t know how. I never talk to anyone about anything. But I figured if I can do it at school…and do it on my blogs…then out on the streets shouldn’t be half as bad right?



I’m gonna need one of you all to push me off the cliff now.


~ thinkblind ~


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