Gettin Kinda Comfortable

I gotta say, I thought iThinkBlind was gonna be deleted within the first 2 weeks of my creating it. lol! As you all should probably have been able to grasp, I don’t really like putting out my business no matter how minor the details. I’ve just always been the type to literally keep everything in and the only way I was able to get out my thoughts were through my fingers. I was one of those special people whose brain wasn’t in her head…it was in her fingers. Scary, but strikingly true.

This blog was started on such a whim and I already discussed how I came across another blog and it inspired this one. The point was I just wanted to become relatable to people and show people that I’m just as human as anyone else. Not this mysterious code that needed to be cracked.

My first few posts were like test posts for me. It was a little into who I was but it was still scratching the surface. I don’t know if that’s how it came across but that’s how it felt to me. I still wasn’t all that comfortable with revealing my innermost thoughts.

I think what really made me get comfortable were my final few posts about Anonyman (whose still pushing figurative buttons herelately) where I talked about how our differences were what was really going to keep us apart. I mean, sometimes I talk about love but I mean I never go that deep under the surface. People usually know “ohh, she likes him..she’s getting over it they never know all that extra stuff.

People never truly know anymore about me than they need to (name, is that your real hair?, gosh you’re tall!, the usual…) and I’m the type of person where if you don’t care to ask, I don’t care to explain. So this is new to me, you know just blogging about myself and my inner thoughts and I must say, I really like doing so. It’s starting to make me get comfortable talking about myself in reality. Like the one teacher I think I talked to you all about. She’s older and I sat down and talked with her recently, learned a LOT about her and in return she learned alot about me…at least I felt she learned alot about me. lol Remember, we never know what the other party is thinking. You know what I’m beginning to find about myself? I think I actually like talking….GASP!! (what the biscuits and gravy did she say!!?!?! lol)

Talk about having a record skip moment, right? lol

I don’t know, I know all of you as of now are just pixelated images liking my posts are clicking the subscribe button (Which I truly do appreciate!) but still…somebody’s listening to me.

That’s really new to me. And I just wanna say thanks. Yes I’m super mushy and I’m giving you all internet high fives! Sorry, I ran out of confetti. lol

~ thinkblind ~


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