Stay In The Clouds

If I were to be in a conversation with Love right now, I think the main question I would like to ask him is “why are you doing this to me?”.

Me and this dern Anonyman PLUS Another Man is beginning to make me feel uneasy again. To sum up a bit, Anonyman and I were beginning to grow a teensy bit closer to each other. Well, in the hugging area, they were becoming more personal and more intimate…somewhat. To me, any time I would TOUCH that guy it was intimate. lol

BUT, I’m super frustrated with Anonyman, the main reason being I keep seeing him with that other girl. We haven’t really had any time to talk to each other because he’s always running about the school, so I haven’t really had the chance to ask him who she is to him, but after this past Monday…I think I may know.

To sum things up, I saw them on the bus, and at first, they were acting like normal friends. Then towards the end of the trip when they were about to get off, he lunges on top of her, all in her arms and in her face just smiling as big as he wants to, and then they get off the bus. As the bus is pulling off, I catch one last glimpse of him…a glimpse that probably meant for me to see as I see him slap at her bottom numerous times.

… That’s not supposed to hurt?

I don’t know about other people out there, but I just feel like that’s disrespectful to any woman to see or experience. You don’t slap my behind especially in PUBLIC. And she was just standing there letting him do it like he does that all the time.


I don’t know. I don’t know if that’s how they are, how they play, or what. But I think I’ve summed up enough about Anonyman to know I ain’t feelin him quite like I used to.

And then today, I just came back from this madness. This other guy whose actually been interested in me for awhile and I never noticed, came and started talking to me and he was real cool. I like New Dude and then…loud Anonyman has to make a scene. *rolling eyes*

There’s a parking garage at my school right? So I kinda see him as I’m talking to New Dude rush down the walkway to the parking garage after some friends, one of which always keeps his eye out for me for Anonyman. So I keep on talking with New Dude, and then soon I hear all of them shouting and making loud noises at the very top of the parking garage, pretty much on the roof. The sky was above them…yeah, he was way up there.

And I kinda wasn’t listening, until New Dude looks up and waves and I hear Anonyman say “hey dawg I miss you!” Then when I turn to look at him, he immediately looks at me and starts shouting “and I miss you too girl! I miss you girl! You don’t talk to me no more! You don’t message me no more! You don’t even text me! You don’t touch me like you used to! You don’t hold me like you used to! I miss you girl! Call me! Text me or something! I got yo number! I know where you live! I know all about you! I miss you girl!” so then I guess his friends start telling him to come on and so he was like “I guess I’ll see ya’ll later!”

I don’t mean to put his words on blast like that, but I REALLY don’t know how I should feel.

Actually…scratch that. Yes I do.


Or you’re just really hands on with people and if you do all girls like that who are your friends then you and I….forget our differences…we never had a chance to begin with.

And FYI, we don’t have numbers, he doesn’t know where I live (he just knows the area), we don’t talk, he doesn’t even know my NAME.

Yeah…you know allllllll about me huh? As far as I’m concerned, you can stay in the clouds, you and that idea of us being together.

If you think I’m a girl who doesn’t know how to see through that BS…



You’re alot dumber than I thought.


~ thinkblind ~


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