I’m Through With Rides

I. Am. Terribly. Shocked. At myself.

Yesterday after school, mom and I hung out with a family friend and her daughter, and we made it a day of play sorta. Went to Dave and Buster’s and it was my first time going and I really like it, though some of the employees were a bit rude. Though I never let that stop me from killing them with kindness. And eventually, I guess I grew on a few of them. 😉

We went through the arcade a bit and I was shooting footballs and basketballs. Not so good with the football game but gained a couple of swishes with the basketball game. I just need to put a little more uumph in my throws cause if I had, I would’ve made every single shot. So after Dave and Buster’s, we decided to continue the day and play it out with FunSpot a place that I used to LOVE as a kid. Mainly for the go-kart tracks and bumper cars, that’s all I ever remember doing. As a kid, I just wasn’t a ride kind of person. And after yesterday…

I still stand by that.

We were making a play day with the little girl, and so for the most part we were hanging out in the Kiddie Land letting her have a go at every ride she wanted. At first she didn’t want to get on anything, but she started making so many friends and they would get on with her and soon she wanted to get on everything. I gotta say, she was alot braver then me. lol So her and her mom decide to get on this ride called the Happy Swing, lol and invited me to come with them. From a previous experience that I had had with the Ferris Wheel at this fair we had in March of this year, I had pretty much already established in my mind that I didn’t like ANYHTING that proposed taking my feet off of the ground unless I could control it.

So you should already know how THIS turned out.

I got in the corner seat, trying to be all brave and macho lol and so the ride started. I’m sitting there on my corner all by myself, while the friend and her daughter and some other little girl were sitting on the opposite end of the me. And then the dreaded thing began and I immediately felt my heart grow a mouth and scream. lol But I tried to calm my nerves, tried to tell myself people don’t die from these rides, kids been riding it all day that one little swing wouldn’t hurt. And then it starts going higher. And Higher. And HIGHER. And FASTER. Oh. Hell. No.

You know how you see other people do things and they keep on doing it and you try to do like them and talk yourself through it but there’s this waning thought in the back of your head that’s telling you that the bad thing is going to happen to you right then and there?

Yeah, it was one of those moments.

lol Tears were beginning to stream from my eyes, I couldn’t even speak. Good thing I was sitting by the operator cause I had to tell her to cut the ride and let me off. Meanwhile as I’m getting off, the two little girls are screaming “I wanna go again! I wanna keep going!” lol!!!

It’s so FUNNY because it’s like DAAAANG I couldn’t even do a KIDDIE RIDE!!? Oh my goodness, I was so shocked, I couldn’t even be embarrassed. lol I was laughing about that for a long time, wow. It gave me flashbacks of all the rides my mom would convince me to pursue and end up looking like Spongebob screaming my eyeballs out. lol I just don’t like rides man, I’m not a “ride” kind of person.

I mean there are rides that I do like, like Popeye the Water Ride now I can ride that thing all day long!!! I love Popeye! I like bumper cars and go karts, you nkow things that stay on the ground. I like movie rides like Spiderman and I’m seriously waiting for that Transformers Ride to open up in June! I can’t wait for that! But rollercoasters and even the slightest topsy turvy thing that takes my feet off the ground…like the Happy Swing. NO. H E DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS NO!!

You know where I’m my happiest? In front of the ride, with my camera, videotaping you all dying. That’s where I’m happiest. 🙂 lol

Oh my goodness, that was so funny I had to tell you guys about that. I couldn’t let myself live that one down but hey, it is what it is. And some people just aren’t extreme thrill seekers like that. I don’t know what’s so extreme about a kiddie ride but hey…at least I tried. I tried. I tried TWICE. With the Ferris Wheel for my mom, AND this Happy Swing thing for the little girl cause she just SO wanted me to go on. I did this for YOU. But, dang, how many times do you have to die before you realize you wanna live? lol

So word of advice, if you invite me to a theme park of any kind, don’t get mad that I’m happy just walking, talking and eating…and playing arcade games. I have already established that I don’t like heights. I’m tall enough, I’m always up here. lol My goodness, that was funny yo. Thaaaat was funny.


Go ahead. Let me have it. lol



~ thinkblind ~


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