Coming Back to Reality

A day to yourself is well-deserved no matter what. Gives your mind a chance to step out of it’s grey cubicle of life and say what it wants to say, be who it wants to be, and act how it wants to act without being heckled.

No people. No personalities. No problems.

Mine was this weekend, but mostly Saturday. Saturday I just was not HAVING it with any unneccsary drama, I just wanted to do me for a minute. Something I haven’t really done in awhile contrary to what others will probably say, but I really have been giving my all to people it seems like whether or not they noticed me stressing or becoming overly concerned, I was. Point. Blank.

And saturday, I didn’t do ANY of that. I could’ve went home to police tape circling around my home but I seriously was NOT having it. It was gonna be a good day no matter what! And actually, it was gloomy that Saturday, even drizzled just a tad but I still stayed out there. Walked the downtown area, found a new chill spot called the Pita Pit, went to this plaza and looked around a favorite crafts store, went to the mall. My intentions were to see a movie but nothing remotely interesting was playing, so I just walked that whole mall with a gigantic ice cream cone from Haagen Daagens. lol Gotta go back to get that ya know. 😉 Did some searcing in Bath and Body Works and got me LOTS of smell good items, oh I smell like a watermelon slushi ya’ll, I feel sooooo much better.

Ya’ll know how it is when you just want OUT. That’s where I was, wasn’t answering no phone calls, coming home early for NOTHING unneccesary, I just wanted to do me for a second. Seems like I’ve been doing everyone but and even though many people will argue against that, I’ve really been walking on eggshells with a LOT of people and sometimes you just have to LEAVE. You just have to get out, I mean what person wants to stay and crack under stress? If you have the opportunity to get away then please, do so.

As of now, my mind is clear yet again and ready to embrace the dramatic troubles that I know life will toss in a matter of minutes. But I’m ready for it now, my mind’s not waiting to explode like it was last week. lol I’m just…chiiiiiiiiiiiill.


How was your weekend?


~ thinkblind ~


3 thoughts on “Coming Back to Reality

  1. Oh boy do I know how you feel! I went on vacation last week for some down time! Of course, I was intending not to use my phone or computer often, but then on vacation i got engaged, so the phone interaction was inevitable. However, it was to relatives and we were talking about only good, so it was wonderful! I am hoping to have more electronic-free weekends coming up and for the rest of my life. Props to you for this Saturday!

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