Alright, Let’s DO THIS!!!

So out of an overwhelming desire of not wanting to bother people anymore (and not having to rely so heavily on the bus system), I FINALLY scheduled an appointment to go and take my driving exam so I can go ahead and get my license. I realize that my life will probably get busier and busier from here, and having my family pick me up at nights is stressing them out (and frightening me) so let’s just go ahead and DO THIS.

I feel so giddy right now, finally making another positive jump in my life…I hope it’s positive. I mean, I still won’t have my own car to drive but…at least I’ll be able to drive the one we have. It’s scheduled for the last Friday in June, I figured that’d give me enough to time to brush up on what I know and improve on what I’m not so good at. Because I am a fairly decent driver, I have a permit. I’m pretty good at turnabouts, changing lanes, cutting on the blinkers, I always ALWAYS look behind me (I’d feel weird if I didn’t), I mean I think I’m pretty good. What needs some more fine tuning is parking, I mean I can park but I always seem to be too close to one of the lines, lol, and also reversing at 50 feet. I’ve never tried it…never had to, but I figure it can’t be that hard right?

I just figured if I didn’t click that Submit now, it was probably gonna be another couple of months before I did so. That’s what always happens. So now, I have a deadline to get my behind into gear and GET. THIS. LICENSE. I mean it, I mean how many days have to fly by? How many irritating looks, annoyed sighs, and cold shoulders do you have to endure before you realize how important something is? I feel kinda lame for being 20 and just now getting my license but hey…better late than never eh?

I’m out of school for the summer so I actually have a day to go in (I’d rather do the morning times, I’m usually alot more at ease around 10 or 11), and I figured by the end of June would be great to get a license cause then I’d still have time to go to the beach!! Maybe get lost on the way but hey! lol

I’m kinda nervous, but not that much. It’s not like I have to drive through a hurricane…I just have to drive with an instructor…..Who in retrospect, might be a little more nicer than my mom. lol But I gotta say, mom’s was patient though. lol

LETS. DO THIS!!!!!!!!!

~ thinkblind ~


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