A Dash of Courage

Today started of dreary, it felt sad and gloomy all day today. I had like 3 nightmares back to back and I think it’s spawning from anxiety about taking my driver’s exam but hopefully I’ll get over it. Haven’t had nightmares like that in awhile so that really has to be the only thing sending me back.

And then I had to go to work…still catching the buses. But when I left it was incredibly hot and humid, twice I almost fainted at the bus stop but thank goodness I had my water bottle with me. And as soon as I got on my main bus that brings me to my actual workplace, guess what Florida Weather decided to surprise me with?

A goddern TORNADO.

Winds were blowing strong, deadened tree branches and other random items were hitting the windows and it started raining sideways, almost upside down like it was crazy! And the bus still had 2 minutes before it actually took off on it’s route! It was raining HEAVY I was surprised the bus driver could still drive through all that mess. It started lightning and as I got closer to my ending bus stop, the strikes got lighter and the booms got louder.


I am the type who will rip off all metal items, cut off all the lights, turn off all the electronics and bundle up under 3 blankets with my eyes shut tight and my hands over my ears, I HATE lightning! So imagine how I’m feeling when I’ve only got 5 minutes until I have to get off the bus and RUN in this lightning!

I can’t explain how much fear was coarsing through my veins today, how much I wanted to shrivel up and cry and wish that someone was there to hold my hand, if I could ask the bus driver if he would drop me off at a closer spot so I wouldn’t have to run as far, so many things ran through my mind. I wasn’t the least bit concerned about getting soaked, it was more about getting struck. lol For some reason whenever I see lightning strike, I’m suddenly sorry for everything and all my past mistakes and I’m confessing like I’ve committed an ultimate sin or something. lol Want me to confess? Lock me outside in a lightning storm. lol Naah, ya’ll don’t do that! lol

And then it came. My moment to get off the bus. I had prayed to God maybe…20 times lol to help me get to work safely. And then I shot off the bus and I ran after this one girl and we were both running. Lightning was popping and thunder was booming and for some reason, through the process, I wasn’t scared at all. Call it God telling me everything was okay or my own odd personality, but the experience made me smile. Every time I had to run through the rain and lightning I had to smile and laugh to myself. My eyes were blinded by this rain, my glasses totally covered and blinded, my hair was soaked, and on top of that it was water flooding up to my ankles so you KNOW I wasn’t dry when I got to work. But I just kept on smiling and laughing and for some reason, I loved every minute of it.

Today, I think I gained a dash of courage.

It was an adrenaline rush, DEFINITELY. I’ve never liked lightning and to this day I still don’t. I always have to inch away from people who talk on the phone when even the lightest of lightning starts to strike cause I feel like if lightning strikes them, for some odd reason the excess lightning will then rebound on me. lol! So what!? It’s a fear! And today, I conquered it!!

But we won’t be doing that again.

Haaaa, it was fun though, I guess. To just look fear in the face for once and just get OVER it. Just get over shrinking back in the corner and taking the easy way out cause I tell ya, I almost I ALMOST rode that bus back home. lol I was THAT scared. But, Tommy from the Rugrats has never said it best.

“A baby’s gotta do what a baby’s gotta do!!!”

Now THAT’S what kids today SHOULD be watchin. lol



~ thinkblind ~


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