Hello, Sir or Madam, I’m Calling To Let You Know That…

I SUCK at call center jobs!

Let me tell you something, if those people call me back tomorrow and say that I got the job, I won’t even be able to attend the first two weeks of orientation because I will have DIED FROM SHOCK!!!!!!

I was all giddy and good about it this morning. Woke up early enough so that I could catch the bus to a UPS store to print out my resume. Ran into smiling babies, comedic bus drivers, and sweet employees at Publix on my way there. Raised my eyebrows in curiosity at some of the fattest ants I had ever seen in my life (what are insects eating these days!? lol) and overall was just prancing around having a really good morning pre-interview. I was trying to give myself the “everything-is-gonna-be-okay” vibe and sure enough it was working.

Then came time to go into the place for the interview. The place is very nice and cozy, inside and outside. I felt like I was auditioning or something as I walked into the first lobby to which the lady snobbily corrected me on being in the wrong place….sheesh, okay, but I managed to keep a cool head and just go about my way. Entered the correct facility and the door was locked. lol She had to push a button to unlock the door so that I could come in. A pretty safe maneuver…I need a door like that in my room. lol

But anyways, came inside and was greeted by smiles and other possible candidates and everyone seemed pretty cheerful. So I’m pretty confident all in my business attire feeling pretty good about getting it. And so I’m waiting for my interview trying to prepare in my head the possible questions I would be asked and how I would possibly answer. How I would smile sweetly and give good eye contact, how I would show myself confident that I could do this job.

And then this other candidate is called to be seated at this little “test cubicle” I suppose and starts running off of a script trying to sell to a “customer” (turned out to be a supervisor just testing us). Let me tell you something, dude ACED that and he got the job on the spot. But it made me that much more nervous cause I don’t have grand communicating skills like that especially over the PHONE! I don’t know how to be aggressive and make people buy something because I literally hate when people do that to me. I am the person who is known to hang up on you. lol So I just knew I was in for a treat. lol!!

Then the interviewer calls me back for my death sentence-uhh I mean…interview. 😉 And that part actually went kinda okay. It was one of the more assertive interviews I’ve ever had I mean you really had to know yourself in and out for this interview. But I think I made it out of that furnace okay. The first interview wasn’t the terrible part, I usually can get people to like me in person.

But THEN, she told me she was going to set me up for a second interview and it turns out the second interview was the phone test that the other guy had done. She handed me a script and told me to run it through a few times, say it aloud and then let the receptionist up front know when I was ready. I took acting class for two years so I figured this would be okay for me. I could put this in the bag. But I think that there’s a relatively LARGE distance between acting and selling.

So I get back out to the lobby and there’s another guy on the phone doing the test or whatever, so I’m just listening to him as he’s running through the script. MAN was he selling it, he was on the phone for like half an hour or whatever telling all these crazy stories and even though the stories were relatively bland or kind of ordinary he made them come alive. He did a great job (fyi he also got the job on the spot). So he gets off and he was very friendly asking me if I wanted to go over my script with him and so I did. I ran through it once and what I said and came up with sounded pretty good. It really did, I felt I was really interesting.

But then I was called to do the test.

And let me tell you I think I BOMBED that test! I said absolutely NONE of the things I practiced with the guy. I read straight through that paper like my life depended on it, I didn’t add any of my pizazz that I had previously rehearsed I read it like a robot was on the phone. Not even a robot, cause I’m pretty sure even BumbleBee from Transformers could sell better than I did today! LMBO!!!! Wow, and so that part ends and then the supervisor proceeds to ask me some more questions about myself. I did give some answers but I’m sure that they were none she was looking for. Compared to the two people ahead of me, I know I was very bland and boring or unsure of myself or whatever. Which isn’t a LIE, I didn’t even know if I could do this job in the first place! It was just suggested that I give it a shot. 😦

So afterwards, I got off the phone and waited for all of five minutes before the interviewer called me up to the desk and promptly told me that I should expect a call by tomorrow. lol So I pretty much just assume that it’s over. lol I can’t even be mad about it, I SUCK at telecommunications. LOL! Gawd that was funny, but I’m glad I went through it to see my weaknesses and where my likes and dislikes are. I did this interview purposely to figure out where I would rather work and what would I prefer doing. Cause after she told me I had a second interview with the phone test thing, I was very tempted to just say “I’m not interested anymore” but I’m learning to let things go where they will sometimes. You never know what will come out of it.

But I WILL die of shock if those people call me back to offer me a job. Cause I seriously think I did terribly today. I don’t even know if I want to take that job if they did offer it, it just seems way too stressful for me. I mean I know every job will have it’s stresses and whatnots, I’m stressed at the job I have now, but….this will be a different kind of stress. One of those stresses that you knowingly walked into, closed the door and now you are trapped type of stresses. Not the ones that just fall on you out of nowhere. lol! Ya’ll know what I mean?


Gosh, who else has had really bad interviews? I’m interested to hear. lol


~ thinkblind ~


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