Watch Out Squirrels!!!

I got my liiiiiiicense!!!!!! So got my liiiiiiiiicense!!!!!

Awwww yeeeaaah!! lol

I went to the DMV office this morning after my night of test jitters last night, all I was hoping for was just to get through it. The moments leading up to going to the office this morning had been a bit stressful enough. The car I was originally going to take my test in BROKE DOWN and then the backup car I was gonna use (that belonged to a cousin of mine) ALSO broke down. -___-”

At the last minute I got a family friend to help me and let me use her Honda Civic. But I had never driven this car, didn’t know much about it, so on the way there, she and I did a little cram session of where everything was. Quicknote: If you plan on going to get your license (and you’re taking a different car….*ahem….) just make sure you ask whoever’s car it is where is the hazard lights, how to work the lights and high beams, the blinkers, annnnd the emergency brakes…Knowing the mirrors help too.

Sooo yeah, the DMV office that I went to ended up having their own course in the back so I didn’t even have to jump out in the road. I mean I think I could’ve done it but alot of the pressure was eased off knowing that I didn’t have to take a test and deal with other cars. I think because my test was fairly early (like 11 this morning), I was pretty much in and out of that place within an hour and a half. The guy I had was really nice and chill to and I drove just like I would’ve driven anywhere else. The tip that I kept in mind, above all other things, was to just remain calm. About everything!!!

And after I was done with doing everything he instructed, he told me I got close to a perfect score. The only thing I got wrong was when he asked me “how would you park when you park uphill?” and so I said “you would park with your wheels pointed to the curb”. Can I get a nice, loud ANNNNNNNNNN!! lol The answer is you park with your wheels away from the curb when parking uphill so that if the car should start rolling back, it will hit the curb and not go anywhere….and of course have your emergency break on. 🙂

If I would’ve gotten that question right, I would have gotten a perfect score! YEEEEAAAAH!!!!!

So of course I was squealing with excitement all the way home. I’m so thankful to our family friend and just God in general. I got my liiiiiicense! I got my liiiiiiicense! I’m so on fiiiiiiiya! A sista driiiiiivin! lol Okay…..I’m done.



Okay NOW I’m done.

I’m just so glad it’s over with! It’s true with what they say, if you just remain calm and take your time, there’s really no honest way you can fail. And I got “SAFE DRIVER” on my license. LOL! Well….that’s not what those squirrels will be saying. lol


I’m just kidding I really don’t plan on running over squirrels. lol Squirrels are cute!


~thinkblind ~


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