A Change In Venue?

Well, getting a car was a total fail.

Gosh, that guy turned me down pretty harsh. But I guess I don’t blame him, I would be pretty risky to take on seeing as though I have absolutely no credit, no insurance, tags, or license plates or whatever, and on top of that, I went in there hoping he’d let me put $100 down and work with me from there. I’m a young driver, so my insurance is already gonna be through the ROOF, and then I’m a fresh driver at that. I never told him that….didn’t even get the chance to. lol

I guess my head was little too high in the clouds on that one, eh? lol Well at least I gave it a shot.

So I’m backing off the car ordeal til I can raise more than a thousand for it, that’s my game plan. Buuuuut, while I’m waiting on that, I seriously do want to completely revamp my bedroom. It’s really drab and the only thing my room says to me is “somebody DOES live here. lol And that’s about it.

What I want to do is paint my furniture and really get creative with my personal space. Maybe create some stencils or whatever, do some simple canvas paintings or something, I mean I REALLY want to get into it. I wanted to paint my bed and my night table white and get a cheap vanity dresser and paint it red! I have a little bookshelf that’s like….laminated wood so I was gonna paint the shelving white and use twine rope on the poles of it. I wanted to find a cheap wooden ladder and use some adhesive to stick it to the inside of my closet door and use it for towels and rags and thin blankets or something I mean I REALLY wanna change it up! I never actually got overly creative with my room and for 2 reasons. 1) Didn’t have the money to and 2) mom was a powerful force back then and I would’ve needed help to do what I want to do. But I know how to paint walls, I know how to handle knives and other sharp objects (lol), I think I really got a good idea going again. I’m going for a red and white look, maybe some splashes of colors like yellow mostly and possibly a little green even a bit of purple but not too much. Just mainly reds and whites and I want a quilted kind of paisley look for my bedding. lol

Whenever I go through with it I just might post pics of it all finished! 😉


~ thinkblind ~


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