They’re Like Buses With Wings!

One recent day, I took a bus route all the way out to my airport. I’ve been there a few times, but most times I was a little girl and I barely remember what it was like other than the busy rush of the people zooming by with all their colorful, paisley-printed luggage. But one day, I just rode out there. No specific reason, didn’t have to meet anyone I just wanted to go out there and see. And as the bus was beginning to go down the road to pull in the cargo area or whatever, we passed by all the airplanes that were getting ready to take off and even had one fly over us as it was coming in for a landing. Might I say that big ol’ thing was pretty darn close too! Felt like it was gonna roll right off of the top of the bus! lol

And then I realized. I had never in my life seen an airplane up close.

It’s probably really dumb and foolish to be amazed at seeing an airplane up close and personal but it’s not just the fact that it was my first time seeing something like that…it makes me wonder, it’s probably a LOT of stuff out there that I haven’t really gotten up close and personal with. I mean when you see it all the time on TV, or see pictures of it or even see it thousands a miles of way where it’s barely a spec in the distance, it FEELS like you’ve seen it but it’s different when you’re up close and personal with it….Man. Airplanes are beautiful!

I’d probably never get on one since I’m oh so terrified of heights. lol Need we discuss my little trip to FunSpot again!?!! lol

But, I don’t know. To see them get in position and taking off, it feels very in sync with the way my life is now. As the airplane gets in position, and gets ready to roll down that freeway and finally take off into the sky…that’s kind of what I’ve been feeling like lately. Like I’m getting in my position and soon I’ll be rolling down my figurative freeway and finally taking off into the sky. Watching them fly away, all of them, like a family of big ol mechanical birds. I never realized how interesting airplanes were to me. I mean I always liked making paper airplanes as a kid but I never thought twice about them. I mean me? Up in the sky? My mind is the only thing up in the sky, I’m pretty sure my body is okay to stay on the ground.

But what if I’m not meant to stay on the ground? My mind is always soaring to new heights about something different. Maybe it’s time I start matching the level of my dreams…or something. Maybe I’m NOT a routine 9-5 person made to establish monday through fridays for the rest of my life. I’m not a cubicle person so what really is the use of trying to be one? And why feel bad that I’m NOT cut out to be a cubicle clone? I always say that there are a variety of people for a reason but now I think I’m truly starting to listen to that statement. There really are.

I was talking a friend at work last night and really realized how so alike we are. We both would like to have work that doesn’t require us to work in a specific building or place. She had all types of beautiful landscapes and scenery and we were both just sitting there imagining and wishing that one day we could just WORK there. Work right in the midst of Mother Nature. I told her I wanted to be a freelancer and spend most of my time traveling around the world or whatever and she immediately agreed telling me “girl, it’s like you’re inside my BRAIN!”. lol But I do, I guess that’s why most of the time I never know what I actually want to do or be in life because I don’t think I necessarily want to be *one* thing. I don’t think I could be *one* thing even if I wanted to be *one* thing. I want to try everything. I’m scared to, but….that’s what I want to do. That’s where my heart is set. Now if only I could get over these goddern fears!


~ thinkblind ~


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