I Didn’t Want To Get Into This Whole Trayvon Thing…

Because quite frankly, I didn’t follow it closely to it’s exact footprints. The only thing I really understood about this whole case was that George Zimmerman shot an unarmed Trayvon Martin who looked “suspicious” and was apparently the aggressor in the situation and “apparently” that’s why George Zimmerman felt the need to “stand his ground” or whatever.

I’m sure all of you have already settled in your hearts how you feel. I’ve heard it all from Trayvon was a thug and he deserved it and that George Zimmerman had connections and his dad was an ex-judge and his family got moneny to George Zimmerman should have never followed that boy. I’ve heard it all. For all different reasons except for the one that struck me the most.

George Zimmerman took a LIFE. CASE CLOSED.

Since WHEN has it become OKAY to rip from underneath somebody’s RIGHT to live!? And not only did he willingly shoot this boy, he wasn’t even the least bit remorseful about it, that’s what really struck me. There’s just no compassion, no affection left in this world and if there is, it’s drying up quickly as I type and as you read.

Honestly, why did George Zimmerman even HAVE to go to trial? Why do we need to dig deep and try to figure out why he shot him? Shouldn’t it be enough that that man had the audacity to shoot that boy straight into his heart!? If he felt like he needed to defend himself, there’s other places he could’ve shot him. Hey, people get shot in the behind all the time. Leg, arm, you could’ve easily damaged him. But no, you wanted to KILL him.

And that man got out scott free.


But you know what, after Casey Anthony, I pretty much said sayonara to “justice“. People who are pro-abortion, all these laws I mean….I pretty much know now it’s every man for himself. If people don’t have a problem with killing an innocent and defenseless life all for the purpose of their own irresponsibility and that they “weren’t ready” for it, then people don’t have a problem with killing anyone. And that’s the sad part. You say you love God, but you don’t love the brother God gave you. You don’t appreciate God even waking you up everyday.

And if you DON’T believe in God, then look at this way, your MOM thought you were worth it. She thought you were worth seeing the world, and making your own choices, and living your life. She thought you deserved it she thought you DESERVED to LIVE YOUR DAMN LIFE. And then you abort…..you abort your own child. Even if you were a rape victim, that has to be something hard and tough to deal with and I too would spit on the man who had the audacity to do that. BUT, there are still other options. Other people who will buy your baby and take care of them, love them. Couples that can’t even HAVE their own kids, ya’ll don’t know. I think the world is just sooo completely selfish and inconsiderate.

But hey, this is 2013 where you can shoot somebody and not give a damn, now how sad is that?

How SAD is that? SMH

But I guess this is just me, feeling with my heart again. Feeling with my emotions and letting my love of life and people and God get in my way “good judgement”. I don’t know what “good judgement” is but I look at this way. Even Jesus felt compassion for people, not all the time was he using his “logic”. I mean, if the Greatest Man that ever walked this EARTH could feel with his heart, why does everyone want to be so hardhearted?

What has made people want to be so stone cold, and so drone-like? Nobody likes to smile and if they do, it’s almost like they have to pencil it in. People have to schedule in their own happiness. Why not just smile when a bird flies above you? Why not giggle when a butterfly brushes by your cheek? Why not laugh when you see squirrels try and scare drivers when they dwart out in front of the cars and watch them jerk to a stop? Why not? As grey as life is, there are still things that make us smile and it doesn’t take money or a big ol’ adventurous diary to do it. All you have to do is step outside and find the beauty of it.

But that’s what’s wrong with people. Everyone so focused on being ugly it’s ridiculous. And this Zimmerman vs Trayvon trial proved it. I don’t care the slightest bit about it being a black and white thing, Zimmerman was freakin spanish or whatever. The only thing that strikes me is that it’s not enough that a LIFE was TAKEN.

It’s why it was taken……whether we know or not what’s it gonna help? He’s DEAD. Like YOUR child could be dead. Like YOU could be dead. He deserved it? So what do you deserve? Makes you think, don’t it.

I honestly hope Zimmerman repents and hopefully God will forgive him but this just proves….just can’t have any of the slightest faith in humanity….At ALL.



~ thinkblind ~


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