So I Was Watching This Video on Success…

And since I am absolutely stubborn to paying thirty-something dollars to get the video embed tool on WordPress (lol) here is the link to it.

Dakota McLearn – The Secret to How He Retired at 19!



Disclaimer: I’m not trying to sell you ANYTHING.

Disclaimer over. Though I am not apt to jump into any business that promises all pay and no work without doing some heavy research on it first (and I did…it’s just another scam…in my opinion..), the way he talked really opened my eyes to a new question. And boy he’s a pretty good seller isn’t he? The question that was raised to me was

How do you define success?

See, now I think this is where people and I constantly get our minds mashed trying to figure each other out. Just in my previous post I was discussing how I wanted a career that’s not a career. A job that doesn’t require me being stationary and that would allow me to travel. The only legit answer I could come up with was, of course, freelancing, but I’m sure there could be other opportunities. But undoubtedly, I’m sure there could be many out there who will disagree with me.

What are some arguments I could hear? “You can’t live off of that kinda tiny income!” “Freelancing is an unstable job. You could have a job one minute and nothing the next!” “there is no job in the world like that!” “you won’t be able to live a good life if you don’t have a stable 9-5 monday through friday!”

Those kinda words scare me. O_O

But it also makes me wonder, how do I define success? Especially compared to how others define success?

We have been conditioned to believe that a successful life is entitled to having a buttload of cash falling out our back pockets, walking around with our pinkies in the air smiling that cheezy smile while we fix our sunglasses on our noses and flash that fake shotgun gesture at everyone we see. Like we need a personal “ray of sun” to be following us everywhere we go. Success means having the best of the best when it comes out and not stopping until we have everything that everyone in the entire world could want. Success, in my personal opinion, is just making somebody else jealous….the more I think about it that’s pretty much what success is.

But when *I* think about success…I say that success is being content and happy with the going-ons in my life. Success to me is being constantly happy, having something to genuinely smile about everyday. Success to me is about living through the experiences, not just getting to the finish line. Doing something that makes you proud even when others look down on it in disgust.

I don’t know. But I don’t deem success as working a constant 9-5 doing the same thing. I won’t jump for this pyramid scam but…that doesn’t mean I don’t still dream about being able to travel with my work. I just need a job that I can DO that with and I think I’d be okay. Forget the big fancy cars and the supa fly mansions that are surrounded by stuck up rich folks who only care for me because I could have more money than them. I wouldn’t mind staying in a nice little apartment for the rest of my life cause chances are….I won’t be there too much anyways. That’s my success.


What’s yours?


~ thinkblind ~


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