Do You Ever Think About A “Bucket List”?

This has been an on and off topic for me since early this year…possibly last year as I was watching my favorite show…. “Wipeout”. There was a contestant on there Camille “Bucket List” Bulot or something like that who, at the age of 19, was living out her own Bucket List. And one of hers was to be on Wipeout and do you know she actually won the entire thing!? I thought that was so FLIPPIN AWESOME it got me inspired to do something like that. Then life got in the way, school got in the way, work got in the way, unfairness got in the way. But now I’m back to thinking about doing it

Gettin me a lil’ bucket list, now don’t dat sound naaaaahce!? lol

I’ve been thinking alot about what are some things I would like to do. I mean of course, I don’t “plan” on dieing anytime soon, but quite frankly, I’ve been extremely bored and I think the boredom is starting to reek through my pores or something. I just don’t feel lively about anything. So I figured if I rev it up a bit, you know, maybe that’ll bring some spark back to my eyes. A jolt of lightning per se, a new love and outlook on life? I don’t know what I’m hoping for, I don’t know what sign I’m itching to see or what statement it is I’m trying to make. I don’t know if I’m trying to make any kind of statement, I think this is just about me wanting to get out there again….or just….get out there….. 0.o

So I have a couple of items like grilling in the back of my mind. One of them includes going to this Indoor Skydiving Facility that I pass by every single day when I’m going to and from work. Always turn to get that last glimpse as my bus turns the corner sighing to myself saying “haaaaaa, one day…”. So sick of saying THAT. And THEN, I also want to take a pole dancing class and let out my inner vixen! I’m doing it more for the art style of dance and fitness, not to be….you know, winding and grinding. I mean there are pole dancers out there who make the dance look beautiful and not….slutty. I’m thinking about trying out a pole dancing class first since that would be cheaper than flying atop of a giant fan for right now. But I want to start having more fun, whether I take anyone with me or not.

I don’t know…..I don’t know man, I’m thinking about it. Seriously thinking about it. Besides that, I would like to try scuba diving, I want to learn how to surf, go hiking somewhere, attend a Bruno Mars concert (and possibly meet him lol), and really just travel. I haven’t even written down a list yet. All of these are just things that pop up in my head as I’m going to and from work. lol I’m really focused on buying a car right now (like by-the-end-of-the-year focused) but I think I make enough to be able to have some fun every weekend or so…you know?

I don’t know….maybe. It beats telling everyone how bored I am (and making a song out of it lol)


~ thinkblind ~


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