Do You Hate to Lend Money?

Yes, I have become a sty-hearted individual. This is not like elementary school when you could have every fifty cent I had ever found in the couch or on the floor and didn’t realize all the things it could get me (a couple items from the candy lady up the street lol).

Ugh, I just HATE being in that predicament. And then the asker puts on a good story to try and guilt you into it. The “oh sob I can’t go on” story. Uggh, I’ve been saving this money since the beginning of the year so there is no excuse, I NEED it back. And what do you do when it’s family? “No I’m sorry. I love you too much to let money destroy our relationship”……that actually sounds pretty good. lol Next time I should use that!

I just, man I hate being in that corner. Cause it’s like you want to help but….people don’t always return what they say they will. Which makes me frustrated and it’s like when will I get mine back? It’s not that I don’t want to share, if it wasn’t coming out of my lifelong savings (well sure feels like it lol) then no, you wouldn’t have to pay it back. It would come from my heart. But the minute folks start messing with my savings you’ve pretty much pressed (or should I say SMASHED) that red button on me that’s sending out red lasers and a warning siren. That’s why I don’t like to talk to people about my money or just money in general. I make what i make and that’s all you need to know. 🙂

I don’t know, is that wrong of me? That I literally want to snap the hands that ask for two cents? I don’t like to say no to people because I sometimes end up in situations where I have to ask for help as well (though more often than not I go a day without eating before I ask for a couple dollars). But it’s just that returning part……..they never do! I’ll be eyeballing you this time sucka.

0.0   Yeah, I’m watchin you.



~ thinkblind ~


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