Did Freedom Kill the Kindness?

If curiousity killed the cat, freedom killed the kindness.

I was just at the bus station today, and ran into this REALLY unnecessary altercation. I was standing there in an open area where not too many people were because majority of people were sitting in the benches far from me or moving away to other buses. Okay, trying to let you all see that I picked a spot AWAY from people.

So then this GUUUUUUY (read it with a little sarcasm 😉 lol), old man at that with the beer belly to match comes and stands right next to me SMOKING. And while he’s smoking the smoke is just blowing in my face like crazy. I for one HATE the smell of smoke. But I normally try not to confrot the smokers about it until it starts to blow in my face. And I do so kindly, I always ask if they wouldn’t mind going in a different spot or even taking a step back to get behind me so it wouldn’t blow in my face.

So that’s exactly what I did with this guy. I asked “sir? Would you mind taking a step back and smoking? It’s getting in my face.” and so this old man just goes up the wazoo saying “there’s a smoke free area there and there!” pointing to opposite ends of the bus station….like cross the road ends. Which was kinda far from where I was waiting. So I said “why can’t you just step back a little?” and he keeps on ranting about….nothing. So I was like “hey, I was here first. It’s not like I’m asking much just move a little behind me” so he proceeds to throw his hand up to me. I almost lost it on him. I had already had a bad day at work, literally broke down in front of my supervisor dealing with depression and then…… (read with more sarcasm) THIS GUUUUY. UGH! And he proceeds to tell me “it’s a free country he can do whatever he wanted” so then I’m like…..so what. Just because you’re free to do as you choose, it’s wrong to be the least bit considerate?


We bickered back and forth, he was trying to draw my attention to other dudes smoking but what I was trying to get him to see is that THEY WERE BEHIND ME so I couldn’t SMELL IT JACK ASS.

My point was: it’s not like I was asking you to stop altogether or even move far out of the way. Was it REALLY that much of an offense to just take a step back? SOME people DO wanna live ya know.

But then I totally witnessed this guy let smoke blow into a little three year olds face. And alot of it at that…..0.0″

I’ve got to get my own car and move out of the city.




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