Hello Mr. Teacher -___-“

There is a guuuuuuy who drives my bus whose definitely been giving me the eyes lately.

Yes, I said it. My bus driver gives (well GAVE) me the hots! I don’t think he’s older than 30, I’d even say like 27 or 28. I don’t know much about him but I’m already being turned off by him.

I just want to know one thing…..one *teensy* little detail….. 🙂



Why do guys always feel the need to TEACH me every doggone thing!!!? I just notice it alot in him. Every time I talk to him, even give him the slightest minute of my time, he spends it all telling me all about his life, teaching me about different subjects, or whathaveyou. Granted, this guy is pretty interesting to me, he really is but I can’t help but feel a little belittled. Like the conversation that I bring doesn’t really matter. Like I just bring the idea, and it’s up to him to elaborate on it and I don’t like that.

Sometimes I would like to be asked my opinion. I would like to be heard when I squeeze in my two cents. I would like to be asked what I like and dislike. I would like to know that you actually have an interest in me like I show that I have an interest in you. That’s all.

To undersand and be understood, that’s how I like to conversate. Not make this whole thing a one-way street, feel me? I just always wonder how come when I come across guys I really like and would consider, why they feel like they have to teach me about the whole world every time we talk! Sometimes I don’t want to be taught….I want to be heard. Just like I’m sitting here……hearing you!?…..Right now!?

Seriously man, do people ever get it!?




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