Positivity…and the People That Get In The Way

Sooo, I know I haven’t been on here much but LIFE….has had a sista BUSY.

But in short, one good thing has happened, well many, but one REALLY good thing. I ran into this guy that I was doing a project for while I was still in school and he was telling me that he missed me working on it and wondering when or IF I was coming back any time soon. So of course I told him I was working double jobs now trying to save up and I would return by the next year in January. And THEN dude tells me that my teacher and one of the staff members who worked in the Business Office were trying to get in contact with me because they wanted to give me a SCHOLARSHIP.

It’s a school scholarship and not everyone knows about it like THAT. I couldn’t believe it! They wanted me back so badly and they had been trying to get in touch with me since the first day of school back in August, now ain’t THAT something?

So of course, I went to go meet my teacher the very next day and he told me that I could still apply for it if I wanted to and that I should go up and talk to the lady in Business Administrations cause she was the one who told my teacher about it. So I did. And from then I was sent to Financial Aid (egads!) to talk to the advisor in there. Haaa, that lady in Financial Aid is ALWAYS trying to stall me with SOMETHING. She made it heck’a hard for me to just get my regular financial aid LAST YEAR I was getting into school. When I was supposed to be going in August, I ended up starting in JANUARY. -___-” Yah, I know.

So of course she told me I couldn’t apply for the scholarship thingy until I completed my fasfa. But I NEEDED the scholarship because I have to wait on my parents to COMPLETE the fafsa, that’s what I was trying to tell her. But no getting around that one. So I went back up to business to speak to the lady who was trying to help me and even she had to shake her head and was like “haaa, some people….some people…” so at the end she told me she would look into it and let me know if anything would change and I gave her my number so that she could reach me.

But honestly, whether I get it or not, I’m completely happy. Because, people wub meee! lol I promise you all that was thee LAST thing I ever expected to hear! Me? A scholarship? WOW. I would say that’s a big deal eh? Apparently, my teachers and people really do see the potential in me.

And like at my new job that I’m at like everyday it feels like, they love me there too. The store manager raved to me to HIS boss, the freakin District Manager about how good of a worker I was even though I was a “newbie” to the store. All the managers in there and all the supervisors always speak highly of me to each other, and that’s something I never really expected. Honestly, I’m being truthful here. Cause everywhere I went people always had something to critique me about, nothing was every good enough, seemed like I got a penalty for EVERYTHING.

You’re too slow. PENALTY.

You’re not accurate enough. PENALTY.

You’re BREATHING MY AIR!!!?!!?!?! PENALTY!!!

lol But seriously though, I didn’t realize this. And it made me feel GREAT that my teachers and people would actually reach out and try to help me out like that. WOW.

Ahh haah you miiiss me you really really miiiiss me. SAY IT. lol Okay I’ll stop. I’ll stop it ya’ll. 😉




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