So Ya Did It Bruno Mars…Ya Did It…

You know, I normally don’t concern myself with the lives of other but this….is a special case.

I think Bruno Mars is now into that Illuminati thing.

I don’t know how accurate or how real that thing is but what I do understand is that music (and alot of things in the media in general) are starting to become more demonic and dark. Which is why I stay away from ALOT of things that has to do with horror and vampires and just…evil in general. I’m a lighthearted individual. 🙂

Which is why I gravitated so much to Bruno Mars. He seemed like a lighthearted individual and I loved his music. Like I said I didn’t really concern myself with his lifestyle so I don’t know much of anything about him like THAT. But what I did know I liked, and he hadn’t disappointed me…..that much anyways. I loved that he hadn’t been chasing the Devil and he was trying to do things the right way.

And then his mother passed away….suddenly mind you. And that just didn’t sit right with me. I mean death is death no matter what. So I was willing to believe it wasn’t one of those devilish sacrifices just because sometimes, life. Just. Happens. To all of us right? But it just reminded me too much of when Kanye lost HIS mom and….well we all see how HE turned out right?

But then I started to hear his music afterwards. And even though I loved the song “Treasure” I couldn’t help but feel it had a slight techno feel to it. My little Illuminati radar goes off when I hear old artists that I love coming back with a new techno tune. For some reason, I notice that those illuminati folk love them some doggone techno. It seriously makes my ears bleed at work. lol And in my heart, I just had this pulling feeling that, yep, Bruno had transformed to the DARK SIDE. And then I saw a photo of him at this center where he was supposed to be performing and he looked so bad. I mean BAD. Like mean, evil bad. I didn’t want to go. The first concert I could have ever went to and one of my favorite artist was performing and I didn’t go. Haaa yeah.

Then I saw his new music video “Gorilla”. I never watch music videos cause it’s all the same hum drum anyways. But I decided to watch this one because hey, it’s BRUNO MARS dude! lol And it made me feel uber weird to watch him. From the very beginning he just looked so evil. So mean, like he would cut you into tiny bite-sized pieces and eat cha. It’s not the same soulful but passionate Bruno that I started out loving. I couldn’t even watch the whole thing, I just kept feeling that evil vibe.

Haa, even though I know illuminati exists everywhere and almost everyone is probably in it doing those signs and whatever, all or pretty much all the celebrities are in it and for them, that’s on them and soon they’ll be dealing that out with Higher Authority. But the only reason I was writing on this one was because….it was Bruno. And I really loved that guy, I had high hopes for him and that he would be the one celebrity to try and do it right. And he failed me….MISERABLY. I mean I had it on my Bucket List to meet this guy, but I can garuntee you THAT has been canceled! Gawd, if I felt that evil watching his videos can you imagine what it’d be like to MEET him? He’s probably not evil himself, but the spirit is inside of him now. He’s a “vessel” now I guess…what they call it? A freemason or whatever?

I just feel so bad I mean what kinda guy, what kinda PERSON would sacrifice their FAMILY for that kinda idiocy? Granted, I know that they don’t knowingly know who the Illuminati will take from them at the time but to even risk that kinda deal is just leaving me dumbfounded. Why would you put somebody’s life on the line….at all? How greedy are you?!

I feel so bad for his family though. I know his brothers and sisters and probably even his dad, I know they gotta hate his guts for that. I know they gotta know something’s up with the way their mother passed. I know they probably are trying to deny it because he’s family, just like I tried to deny because that was mah dawg! But man, Bruno…man not you. I thought you were better peoples than that. I thought you were better peoples.


Well there goes all my late night fantasies…..I can’t dream about a man who would sacrifice his own mother to the devil. How could any girl dream about such a man? This world man…..this world…




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