I Have To Admit…

That Bruno Mars thing STILL pisses me off and still has me rather upset and disappointed.

I think nowadays it’s less about the fact that it was Bruno Mars and more about the fact that there are actually people out their like him whose willing to put their own greed in front of another human’s life. Since when does fifteen minutes of fame matter more than your mother?

I guess I’m just seeing it a different way. I’d rather have a GOOD name than a FAMOUS name. If people are going to remember my name for anything, I want them to think positively about me. I want them to remember that I was a good person and not someone who’d do anything to get above others. I want them to remember that I cared, that I loved, that I was a good person. I want them to remember good things about me and not….what I did to get famous. Or what I did to be in the spotlight for fifteen minutes.

I mean really, what goes through a celebrity’s head when they think about joining the dark side like that? Are the unknowingly persuaded into it? Do they sign a binding contract? I mean cause I just can’t imagine that these celebrities just “willingly” and full on want to support…..satanism like SERIOUSLY? Really? They can’t knowingly be turning their hearts into a black hole like that….can they? I mean how could you do that? How could you want to risk someone else’s life, someone that you love, for fifteen freakin minutes!?

I’ll be sour about this for a good week so you probably won’t be hearing much from me. I mean it’s things like this that make me terrified about getting to know anyone. You never know whose gonna be the next one to frame you. Oh my jellybeans man, I can’t believe it. I guess I shouldn’t be so terribly surprised that he ventured over, I mean these days it seems like everyone is supporting satanism. But I guess, because it was Bruno Mars and I freakin LOVED that man and really wanted to meet him one day, that just tore me up for a moment. But I’ll be okay. Like all the men that turn out to be jerks, all the people who only have negativity to give, and all the many….many obstacles I face, just like those, this too shall pass.

But it just angers me that even a life is not worth anything anymore. It kills me that family can turn on family like this. And it bothers me that people out there like this exist.

Hide yo kids! Hide yo husbands! Hide yo wives!

And for goodness sake, hide yo mothers!




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