My Fingers Are Literally BONES

My feet and calves are swollen, and sometimes my lower back hurts but it has all paid off on a rainy Saturday afternoon.


And yes, I am incredibly EXCITED! Since I got it yesterday, that car has literally been on the road nonstop. Half of it was just joy riding with my mom, other half was going to work and whathaveyou.

I guess I won’t run into all the details of it but just know that this car is gonna be with me for a long, haaaaloooong TIME-UH. lol It’s a 2007 Nissan Sentra. What sold me on it was the gas mileage. Truly, cause I love joyriding all day long and you know, I need a car that can HANDLE that.

Before the Nissan came along, I came –>THIS<– close to getting a different car. A jeep rather. A Jeep Liberty. And though I uh-LOVED it when I test drove it, I did some resesarch and Jeeps don’t get great gas mileage and may not last for very long like I would NEED it to. Needless to say, not getting that Jeep made me incredibly mad and angry and oh SO fustrated I contemplated VERY hard about just blowing through all the money I had saved up to put a down payment on ANYTHING. It’s not like I had alot anyways. lol

But then I went on down to the dealership and although I ended up signing up for more than I had in mind, I think I still came out okay and I’ll be able to do it. The dealer worked a great deal with me and brought my payments down to as low as he could, but then I spruced it back up but ONLY because I wanted to have full warranty on my car for EVERYTHING. I have warranty on it that will last as long as I’m financing it. lol If it wasn’t for that, my monthly payment wouldn’t be at all that high for me at all. God really came through for me, I guess he just wanted me to keep on waiting. Cause man was I mad about not getting that Jeep.

But I just woke up that Saturday morning and said…..I should look for a car. I wasn’t expecting to get anything, I was just chillin at home looking at cars and dreaming about what could be. Came across an ad for a 2002 Honda Civic, and put in a request. The dealer called me right back and told me to come on in and so I did. I didn’t even look at the car that had originally lured me in, he didn’t even offer it to me. He just asked me about my payments and what I would be able to afford on a monthly basis and we went from there. And everything was just smooth sailing from there!

I took it on a test drive, fell in ultimate love with it. Came back, the guy didn’t even ask me if I wanted it, he just asked if I liked it. And all of a sudden I was doing paperwork and getting out my license and pay stub and all that jazz. Then all of a sudden I look up and hear him tell my dad “I’ll need you to call your insurance company and have them put the car on the insurance”. HA! YESSSS LAWD! lol I drove it home that night. My first car EVER, didn’t need a co-signer, didn’t have a huge down payment and didn’t even put the whole down payment down. lol I only had half of it. lol! And they let me take it home that very night.

I’ve never had such a smooth sailing in my life. Things were going so good and so fast I got scared. lol Things were happening TOO quick. I was starting to wonder if this was too good to be true. What was gonna mess up, what was gonna fall apart, what was gonna blow up in my face.

I guess I just need to believe that I really deserve something this special…..we all do. 😉

But sometimes that’s kinda hard to do isn’t it? Specially when you’re so used to problems everywhere you just expect for something big to pop off SOME where.

Me and my baby girl. And her name is Maggie. Don’t laugh. My mom and dad looked at me like…….egad! MAGGIE!!? Don’t name that car MAGGIE! lol!

But I like Maggie. It just rolled off my tongue soon as I saw her on the dealership. I’m gonna keep Maggie nice and maintained. For the extra hundred I’m paying every month, she’ll be at some doggone autoshop everywhere getting the best of the best maintenance. I’m gonna have this car FOREVER. I’ll drive it into the ground. I told the business lady “that car is gonna have a CANE before I get something else!” lol

Dreams really DO come true. 🙂




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