The Bridge In My Song

I wrote a song a few months back, somewhat to do with Anonyman, more to do with people in general. And it went a little something like this…


“….It hurts, oh it hurts that I can’t choose to be without you
I know, oh I know that in the end it’d be a lost fight
I don’t want you
To feel that you have to
Stay by my side
So I thank you for the hell you’ve put me through

So I must say to you
That I thank you
For everything you’ve done
It made me strong
Strong enough to carry on
And I’m not trying to hold you back
Just like I said….”


So yes, even though I am still pissed with Anonyman, I still thank him. I thank him for being exactly who he is. For now, I think I’m thankful because it opens my eyes now, that if a guy touches you and stares at you all the time, it could mean absolutely nothing. Don’t take anything super seriously until the words are SAID. That’s what I learned. I guess I don’t regret meeting him and having him in my life for this period of time, cause like I said before we all meet people for all types of reasons. And situations happens for all types of reasons. We need to do a mistake before we get the chance to perfect it, feel me?

Soooo yeah, I guess I got some re-programming to do in my mind now. Lawd knows, I don’t want to keep getting dragged back into this story. How many times am I gonna end this freakin chapter!?




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