I Was Fed Up With Life

I think this morning when I woke up….I was fed up with life.

I just got sick of sticking into the same hum drum of my everyday routine. Get up early morning and go spend eight hours at work, only to come home within thirty or forty minutes to spend the rest of the day sleeping off the early morning work, only to wake up in about five or six hours, grab a bite to eat and log on the computer for a minute before finally drifting off to sleep again, dreaming about that Saturday morning where I could sleep in to my heart’s desire, wash my hair, wash some clothes, clean my room, and spend that sunday doing nothing only to repeat this process for the next five days of Monday through Friday with the same weekend dream come Saturday and sunday.

That’s a tad bit ridiculous to know my routine THAT well. lol

And then with the whole Anonyman thing, it got me concerned about whether or not I would find love one day, why me and how would I heal from this, what would come of this situation type of thing, and that sent my heart into the rut it was already in. Then I was feeling down and stressed out, I was gaining weight which was starting to become a rapid pace from my recent doctor’s visit. Just a whole lot of things it felt like. Plus I was now officially within that secret club of society….you know the one. The DEBT Society since I gotta keep my new Maggie on the road now. lol

Just a whole lot of things.

And here I was about to spend my Saturday morning sinking into the same thought.

But no. I decided for once I was fed up with the way my life loves to have me circling around the same loop and just jumped up and got a good forty minutes of cardio in. Most of that was hula hooping like a six foot kid (lol), then it was jump roping and some running around in my backyard. lol I enjoyed it so much, I was continuously jamming to “Life Is A Highway” by Rascal Flatts (I love that song) and just having a good ol’ time!

Found out I have some rhythm with a hula hoop. But it is a fitness hoop so it is a bit harder to control than a regular kiddie one. My abs felt sooo numb when I was done. lol But I was swerving and curving, it was cool! Jump roping wasn’t no joke. Again all fitness stuff, but I think I forgot how hard jump roping could be. lol And then running around, and my backyard has a few hills spread in it so that was tougher. Then I came inside and did like 20 “girly” pushups but still. I’m surprised that after months of not working out….intentionally anyways, that I was still pretty fit enough to do all of that.

I guess I just wanted to break out of my same ol’ same ol’. I think next Saturday, I’m gonna go try and take a pole dancing class. I just want to, I mean really…..who cares?




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