The Point of This Blog

Between this blog, my art blog, and my hair blog, this blog is the one blog I really don’t care to “promote” at all. I don’t care about how many subscribers this blog will end up with, how many comments I have to approve, how many views I get, I really don’t care especially with this blog. Actually, with all my blogs I’m fairly that way, but I really do not ever try to promote iThinkBlind.


Because the point of this blog was to really start working on myself.

It may not seem that way since all I do is get on here and ramble at very random increments but believe it or not, learning how to speak my mind here is actually helping me speak my mind in reality. I’m getting better at starting and finishing the same post in the same sitting and not starting a post with a few words, only to leave it for a moment and return back to it hours later when my mind has probably taken the idea of this post several different ways and I no longer want to write to it anymore.

It’s teaching me how to say the things I mean and how to really get my words together whether it’s to prove a point or inspire one. It’s really and I mean really teaching me how to focus, and how not to procrastinate so much.…. lol It’s allowing me to see that speaking my mind, whether people read them or hear them, is not such a terrible thing. What’s on my mind may not intrigue everyone, but even if nobody’s inspired by them it’s okay because I’m really learning now more than ever to be content with who I am.

I said before in way early posts (like when this blog started) that I wanted to use this blog to become relatable. And I still do, that’s still a pretty good reason of why this blog is staying up. Cause I could just use my sexy Tivoli Italian Leather Journal to help me get my thoughts straight.

But it’s not about me understanding what I mean. I know what I’m trying to say. But I want to know if I can get others to understand me, get others to listen, get others to like the way I view things. And….apparently it’s working since I’m still getting subscribers and lots of random views. But even if I don’t get followers, it doesn’t matter. Because I am proud of the fact that at least my words are out there.

Whether they make sense or not at least I’m not trying to hide it so much anymore.

I am constantly under construction with everything I ever think, love, live and do. I’ll never reach my climax and I never intend to. I’ll always want to try something different (whether I do or not).

The point of this blog is to come to terms with me and not everyone else. I’m learning to be okay with me.

You know what having a slow blog teaches you? At least to me, having a slow blog that you keep putting fire into shows that no matter what other people think of you, you’re okay with yourself. And THAT’S what I’m trying to maintain here.

I love the fact that there are people out there that want to read this crap. lol I honestly never thought this blog would even surpass TEN followers let alone twenty. lol And I truly am grateful for all of you hitting that “Follow Me” button (and if it was for me to visit, I am trying to get around to visiting you all, I’m just always soooo tired! lol I do frequent many blogs without following for awhile too, so keep that in mind), I really am. But this blog is not intended to please you all, for you to give me “ideas” on how to get more traffic and visitors and all that jazz. Maybe for my other blogs I may request those ideas, but for this simple little blog I do not care.

To me, I figure that the people who care enough to find this simple blog care enough to hear and understand what I say about different matters. I figure that they’re not here just to add numbers to a subbie list but they actually want to read what I have to say. At least I hope that’s why you all have come here and not “I feel so sorry for this blog…let me subscribe!” lol!

I’m not big on traffic and visitors just for the point of saying that my blog is popular unless there is actually something on here I’m trying to promote. But this blog is just strictly thoughts, just random thoughts, random ideas, random opinions, random everything. I would appreciate the random comment every now and then lol but hey, that will come too.

So laters my Blind Thinkers. Sleep with your eyes open and live your life with them closed. šŸ˜‰




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