Mission Bedroom Makeover!

Mission Room Makeover is now in progress.

I didn’t have to do anything important with this paycheck so seeing as though I’ll be paying bills for the rest of my life out of probably every check I get from hereon out until I find either a second job or a better job altogether, I decided to get my bedroom makeover idea on and out of the way.

Yesterday, I got up at like eight….really six thirty, but I spent an hour or so in my room researching a few ideas and jotting down different sayings that I’ve come across or that I think about daily because I plan on painting them on different canvases and making the room all pretty and personal. =)

After jotting down sayings and ideas, I then went outside first to give Maggie a good ol’ wash. I think I need to buy some actual wax cause what I had was “wash and wax” and although it made the car sparkly clean….I’m not sure it worked. How long does waxing last? How often am I supposed to do it?

After spending an hour giving Maggie a good cleaning inside and out, I headed to the backyard to start sanding my bed down. My bed had been broken down for months now! Maybe like 3 or 4 months? A long time, I was ready to have started on this project a while ago! But I finally got out there and sanded it down really well. All that’s really left is to break this night dresser of mine down so I can get out there and sand that too. I’ve also compiled a lot of things into storage bins and I’m trying to come up with some more ideas.

Today hopefully, my dad and I are gonna put in four hands and repaint my bedroom and also spray my bed and hopefully my nightstand/dresser white. I’m going for a lighthearted, island-y, beach-y kinda theme. So far, my colors seem like white/red/yellow/orange/purple/ and little bits of random fun colors like blue and green or whatever. More of the warm colors, less of the cooler colors, but the main color will be white. My main items herelately seem to be a lot of bamboo things, seashells, birds, and butterflies and trees…….I am actually REALLY eager to see what this is gonna look like. lol I’M not even sure of the end results anymore. lol

But I’m sure once I get in here and start putting everything together, it’s gonna come together nicely. As of now, I’ve been working on some of my canvas art. I’m getting ready to paint a saying on each one, I had to paint the background yesterday so I’m adding the wording now. lol……or looking at them I might need to add another coat of each color. I have an idea, I got four big canvases that I’m gonna make into one art but have one of my poems, my favorite poem that I’ve ever written, Murble Yurble, painted across it. I was gonna have like a sunset kinda scene or maybe do a graffiti background, I don’t know. Still trying to think that one through cause the words need to be easy to read. I dunno, so many ideas ya’ll!

It’s definitely helping to keep me from sinking into a depression. This is fun!




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