People Who Suck The System

I haven’t really been keeping up on the whole ObamaCare thing (or really anything for that matter lol) but what I hear about it, a lot of people seem really upset.

Yeah it seems great for the under-privileged, but it seems like it’s taking more from the people who work hard for their benefits. The only reason I’m beginning to care now is because they’re gonna be cutting back my hours at work so that everyone has equal hours which kinda sucks because I work hard at what I do and….I don’t want to lose it because of some “system”.

I’m not a good debater okay? But I guess the only reason I’m not “all” for it is because I really feel this is when people are really gonna start trying to suck the life out of the system. And I feel bad to feel this way because there are actually people out there that NEED this help but you can’t see them for their are so many people who have the mentality that they’ll quit working and get lazy and just live off the system.

Live off the system. Live off the taxes. Live off MY taxes.

And that just UPSETS me that people are like that.

What happened to the mentality that you needed to work hard to play hard? What happened to being able to be independent and take care of your own?

The government has made people lazy man and I confess, I can be too. But when the going gets tough I can pull my own weight and not lay around and let someone else do it for me. My parents are hard workers, no matter if one complains more than the other, if something needs to get done they get it done.

I work with people at my job who are like and it just upsets me. He’s going to get the same hours that I get but I garuntee I’M the one who will be doing the most work between the two. What happened to earning your rewards? It seems like EVERYTHING is being handed to people and sometimes I wonder, maybe I should just live off the system too. No matter what, I’ll still be treated just the same as the lazy bum who smooches off of everyone. It’s starting to give the hard working people the “why try mentality.

I never want to get like that but honestly, it really bugs me that I can work twice as hard as another only be treated the exact same. Nothing more, nothing less.


Perhaps everyone should be sucking the system dry. The government has already made us all babies anyway.


Just look at TV.

No wait.


The earth has reached it’s capacity in stupidity.




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