I Think I Figured Out Why I Waited So Long To Start Drinking

As I type now, I still have it in my system and I don’t like it.

I’m probably going to be the oddest person ever for saying this but….I just don’t like drinking.

And I figured out why.

People always made it sound so good with getting the feeling of losing control and letting loose and just stepping out of Reality for a moment just to live to be plain stupid and dumb.

So maybe I’m the sore thumb in this but….I don’t like that feeling.

I only had ONE little strawberry daiquri beer thingy, and only drunk half of it and I was already feeling kinda….out of it. It wasn’t strong, it was just like the tingle, like a tiny pulling sensation in the back of my mind.

I just immediately knew. I don’t like this feeling, and I don’t want to draw deeper into it.

Maybe it’s because I’m still worried about getting Dementia and Alzheimer when I get older but I just don’t want to lose control of myself. I don’t want to be like the people I see on TV saying a million things that they regret the next morning. I don’t want to be a fighter, I don’t want to even know what kind of drunk I am. I don’t care if I’d be a sloppy drunk, a passout drunk, a violent drunk, a whiny drunk, a super party drunk, a whatever. I don’t wanna be drunk point blank.

I never had a taste for alcohol, and even tonight I didn’t, I just wanted to taste it just to see if it really was anything special.

And it’s not. It’s just a reminder for me that hey, everything ain’t for everybody. And drinking just is not down my alley.

From the little bit I did experience, I wonder if I’d probably be the person that passes out alot or that sleeps alot cause I’m feeling kinda sleepy now lol. But I’m still mainly in control, I just felt my knees get a teensy bit weak and my brain was starting to feel small.

And then I remembered. Alcohol can kill brain cells. Dead brain cells is a symptom for Dementia and Alzheimer and I think that’s another factor that scared me. I guess I am a control freak…….in certain aspects I suppose.

I’m sure I’ll get creamed because I’m not into the most common past time for many people. Even the nice girl likes to drink a little right? Yeah, well not this girl. I’m sure I’ll be a party killer but….not today…


I might be a rambler. I just feel like talking. So let me end this post before I give ya’ll a lecture about dinosaurs knitting socks for the soldiers in Afghanistan. lol!!!


~ thinkblind ~


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