It’s New Years!


lol Okay I won’t be like that.

Actually, 2013 was a pretty good year for accomplishments, in mind, body, and life. I became more content with me and learned to start speaking my mind more, got my license and my first car all within half a year, got into school, got a better job, lost weight and gained some of it back, took care of my health a bit, loved, lost, loved again, lost again, and finally moved on lol, redid my room the way I finally wanted to, I mean I feel I accomplished quite a bit for me to not have technically set any goals this year.

And with my mind, I started making my weakness apart of me instead of working against them, for instance, my sensitivity and my shy and awkward nature now works with me instead of working against me. I’ve grown to be more okay with myself than I have ever done all my life and I’m glad I have. I’ve accepted that at times I can be naive and actually my naive nature has worked in my favor a lot this year. It was my naive nature that got me a better job, it was my naive nature that got me a job, it was my naive nature that pushed me to get my license, a lot. I always hated that I was so naive and could a bit oblivious to what I had to do to get something. Clearly, all this year I’ve been saying “well, lets just try it anyways” and I’ve been getting a lot more accomplished as opposed to me just sitting there and planning out everything.

Maybe the spontaneous route just works better for me. lol

And also iThinkBlind has grown alot to, more than I ever thought it would and still growing, even though it’s slowly it’s progress nevertheless. I thank all my old and new subscribers and if you even care to read this lol I really do! And to have reached like 25 subscribers wow! I never expected that a blog that is just strictly my random thoughts would bring that many subbies! So thank you! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! ♥

What’s up for 2014?

I dunno.

I think I’m gonna keep the same resolution I had for 2013.

I resolve to have NO RESOLUTIONS for 2014.

Like I said before, we’re just gonna stop setting goals and deadlines and just DO IT!!!!!



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