Maybe We Need More Bad Guys…

I was at work, standing in the store at 6 in the morning marrying sensor sticks to sensor pins by the grace of a mens crew neck shirt thinking about this.

It’s the new year, so the store is getting strict with everyone’s work ethic. I guess it’s their “New Years Resolution” or something. But basically, everyone has to be on time, everyone has to be productive, we can’t have our radios (iPods) anymore (well THEY can’t lol), be a team player and all that jazz. My supervisor isn’t going to be as hands on as she used to be and she’ll be supervising us more often.

So but anyways, she was telling me and another co-worker about how she should start parking elsewhere cause she doesn’t want anyone key-scratching her car, and things like she knows a lot of people are gonna quit and we’re probably gonna get a whole new range of recruits because people don’t think much of the job and feel they can do better and find something else.

But, really, the things the job is asking for is….pretty small. Okay maybe the radio thing is kinda extreme (AHEM!!! lol), but the reason you get a job is because the job needs you to get things done.

I realize that nobody likes to hear what they need to do all the time, but honestly if you’re not being a team player, than the problem needs to be addressed. Something has to be done cause you can’t keep going on like that and think it’s okay that you come late all the time, don’t get much done, expect to leave early and don’t want to help. All I’m saying is….what are you working for?

Why are you EVEN here?

I just hate that as soon as things get in a crutch, the first thing people want to do is flee. They want to flee because things are changing, they’re not adjustable. Now I know what you’re thinking. “But you fled your other job before Black Friday!” I sure as heck did. But I been with that job through a previous Black Friday, Christmas jam, and other holiday jams when I had been given way more hours in a day waiting on other employees to get here and because they needed help. I’m forever a team player, but sometimes you do need to flee for the sake of your sanity.

But just to flee because of a simple rule change? Honestly, you should’ve been following these rules from the get go. I mean be honest, coming late all the time? Being grouchy all the time? I mean it’s work, none of us REALLY want to be there. But you have to make the best of a bad situation cause more than likely it’s gonna be more bad than it’s gonna be good. It’s just all in how you look at it, honestly.

I’m not trying to bad mouth my co-workers, I’m speaking people in general, specially based off of what I see on TV. It’s just impatient attitudes all the way around. Can’t say nothing to nobody, NOBODY. No one wants to hear that they’re wrong, that they need to adjust, you can’t sugarcoat cause they don’t get the message but if you get bold with them now they want to threaten you.

Everyone wants to be the “friend” no one wants to be the enemy. But like my ma always told me “I’m your mother first and your friend second”. lol DAMN! I think she believed that I always thought she was the bad guy for always correcting and true, I did. But I appreciate it now, cause I’m glad of the way I turned out.

People are all about overstepping the boundaries but when will people understand the fact that the boundaries are what MAKE the world a better place?

Everyone wants to be rebellious and seen as the odd one out and all it makes for is a crazy kaleidoscope of different personalities. One thing I’ve noticed herelately is that people can’t talk to each other at all, but they can talk to me. It’s always been like that. Is being different and rebellious and mercilessly blunt really all that?

What about just trying to be a good person? What about being the best person you can be? What about showing consideration? What about love?

If you REALLY want to make the world a better place, than stop trying to be above everyone and show some equality. Cause you’re just as human as the rest of us. We all need help. Some people are always gonna be above themselves but those are the people that you hear and don’t hear. But all the impatient and rude attitudes is unnecessary. All the “if I don’t get what I want right now I’m gonna cause a scene” attitudes like everyone cares about you like that.

Man, shut up!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, nobody ever really needs you. They just choose to want you, me included. Sometimes I get sad when people move on from me, I’m sure there’s a few people that get sad when I move on from them it’s the way of life. But I think when people start to understand that life will go on without you, maybe then the world will start looking up………….





Ahh who am I kidding!?




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