That ONE Thing I Wanna Be GREAT at…

But…I don’t know what it is. lol

You know how you see and know those people who just have that CALLING, and the other people who are just….straggling along…I feel like I’m straggling. That annoying split end that is going to get cut off eventually because it’s just not good enough.

This isn’t a post of me being depressed, this is me just thinking…..You know, thinking BLIND? lol I mean, I’m pretty decent with a lot of things, I catch on really quick to new things and I kinda like trying new things.

But I just never find the ONE thing that I can EXCEL at. I love drawing, painting, playing the piano, cooking, writing, all types of stuff. Crocheting, knitting, doing my hair, sittin’ somewhere imaginating, all that jazz. But, I’m only decent. I’m passable….at everything that I do.

Maybe that should be my new year’s resolution (the only that I’m going to keep! lol)? To take one of my passable skills….and excel. To become great at something even if to everyone else….I still suck.

But I can’t decide! I wanna be great at everything! lol I dream about being that all-around girl that can do anything she sets her mind to. I think from last year I proved to myself, anything truly is a possibility. I don’t know why I’m so scared to keep trying to pursue a better me. Maybe because it’s starting to seem….possible? Or maybe the possibility of failing? Ha, I’m scared to fail AND succeed, now what’s that!? lol I’m passable that’s what it is. LOL!


~ thinkblind ~


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