So I Joined A Gym…..Now What?

I actually really like it too, I started it with a trial pass for seven days and enjoyed it, so I went and signed up. It’s a fairly quiet gym, really quiet and not always full of a whole bunch of people watching you and probably trying to match and go beyond what you’re doing. I’ve only been to a gym one another time (on another trial pass lol) and I backed away from going for years. But I want to start strength training and I do NOT have the place to have all that equipment in my home. lol So, gym it is!

The people are really nice and warm, feels very secure, members get a key so that they can come in at all hours of the day (or night) even when the staff is out. Plenty cameras everywhere, and hardly anyone comes in there anyways, I like it. =)

I did a lot of getting in shape early last year, around this time actually (doesn’t everyone?) and I managed to lose like 25 pounds and slim down like…. what? Like 4 jean sizes, I trimmed down a LOT. But somewhere along the lines of life, love, and not-love, I gained a few pounds back as well as a few inches. Nothing majorly dramatic but I am starting to notice my jeans beginning to squeeze tighter than usual. Which isn’t good cause they are my favorite jeans and I wear them all the time. They are really the only ones that fit nice. lol!

I always said when I got down to my dream size or look, I would go crazy with the wardrobe redo but I never did…for I never got down to that “dream look”. This year, I want to, and I want to get that nicely toned stomach, tiny waist, all that jazz. Even though I did a lot of reconstructing last year with my mind, body and soul, I still have a whole heck of a lot more reconstructing to do.


In fact, I’ll always be reconstructing something…..




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