I’m A Lazy Bastard

Ya got that right!

I was just here thinking, well not really, on the road driving through some old neighborhoods and…..thinking. But not BLIND no people you don’t think BLIND when you’re driving on the ROAD!!!!!!!


But I was thinking about work and having one, trying to find one, loving one and then hating it, getting to comfortable in one, just work work and ummm……ohhh what was that third thing?….OH YEAH.


And I came to the conclusion…..man I don’t want to work.

lol But who does, who really does? I was just thinking that maybe I should find a little second job yet again but NOT in retail, but one that I can probably work at like two or three days a week, and get paid weekly. I don’t know WHERE that job is gonna come from, but I don’t necessarily want another clock in/clock out job (clock in! clock out! turn yourself about! clock in! clock out! go to work and pout! lol) because it kinda defeats the purpose of me going to get a second job. The job I have takes care of all my bills pretty much, but I hardly have anything to splurge with, to go out with, to do ANYTHING with. So I said “lets find a second job so I can have the money to do the stuff that I want to do”…

But do you know what’s REALLY gonna happen?

I’m gonna get that second job. Be to my first job by six, get off somewhere by two, go home and nap for an hour, jump up to go to the second job which will probably be at like four or five, then work there for another five hours, come home EXHAUSTED and have to repeat the process the next day. On the days I work only one job, I’m gonna sleep in til I go to the one job, and on the days I have both jobs off (which will probably be RARE) I’m either gonna spend it sleep all day or cleaning all day.

How do I know?

Previous experience.

And that kinda defeats the purpose of getting the second job, so currently I’m just trying to figure out a way to bring in more cash flow without actually having to say “ugh, I got TWO jobs man”. I’m thinking about starting to make more handmade products and selling them, maybe making hats and keychains or trying to make…somewhat decent paintings that maybe SOMEONE would want to buy for like fifteen bucks. Something! I may go online, or just locally, who knows. I’m not looking to make hundred dollars a week, but even bringing in forty or fifty a week will be all that I need, honestly.

I just, haaaa my ultimate dream would be to not have to “work” at all. I don’t want an office job as I much as I’ve tried to convince myself over the years that that is the job for me, it’s not. It’s too stationary, too repetitive, too stressful, and too ugh. I mean everyone that tells me “ooh girl that job would be PERFECT for you” mean well, but I don’t know if the job is right for me. It’s not like those people really know me because every year, those same people who keep suggesting my life always seem to say “wow, I didn’t know you could do THAT” lol yeah, but I do. And I know what makes me happy and zone out and being outside of a cubicle and office does that for me. This little stock job I have is good but it’s starting to get major repetitive for me and annoying.

I don’t have big degrees like everyone else, I don’t have any degrees and I’m not looking forward to years of schooling, trying to finish out this little certificate is enough.

Haaa, I think this is coming from my committment issues that I discussed earlier.

You know I always knew it would be a big deal one day, but I didn’t know it was THAT big of a deal.




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