“I Feel Relaxed Around You”

I know this should probably be a good thing to have people say to you, especially guys, but hell is it!?

I’m glad that you’re relaxed around me, that we can chill, we can talk, we can spar a few insult battles (and you’ll realize who the real Queen of Combats IS *ahem*), I’m glad to know that you can come and talk to me and share your secrets and your fears and all that jazz….

But sometimes I’d rather not.

I’ve been the girl that’s been running from people for years.

And they just keep gravitating to me like what hockey sticks, man!?

I’m sure for the future boyfriend or whatever he might be, this would be a good sign because then that means we can talk and we can communicate. When we get into arguments it may be relatively easy for us to move over because I’m normally someone who wants to cool off and apologize later. I’m accepting of other’s flaws though I get easily angered when they’re not very accepting of MINE. So I guess this is a pretty cool compliment, I s’pose.

But does that mean finding a compatible guy is going to be tougher? Does Relaxation = Bored = Friends? Or does Relaxation = Guards Down = Compatibility = Genuine Love?

Which way does it go?

Or maybe I just need to shut up and not think about it so much……….

Yeah. I’m going with that.

~ thinkblind ~


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