I Just Want To Be SANE

Is that okay with everyone?

Why is it that every time I manage to get myself into a peaceful state of mind (which isn’t very OFTEN mind you) someone SOMEWHERE just has to come and TAKE IT OVER!?!?!!

Okay, I was in a fairly good disposition today. Not awesome, not ecstatic, not over-the-top overjoyed floating across the sky happy, but just decent which is alot better than I’ve been in some MONTHS.

I got asked if I wanted to be trained to be a supervisor at my job to which I had responded ‘no’ lol, but now that I’m thinking on it I might go back and tell them I just *might* accept. I mean, hey, why not? (there’s actually a number of reasons of why not but I’m trying to stay positive, m’kay!?). And then I come home.

And get bombarded by everyone else’s troubles.

Look, I’m sure everything is wrong with everybody. I’m pretty much sure of that! But I just want to know, how come when people see a person being upbeat and positive and happy about life, why they just feel the need to wash all of that down the drain with their problems?

Do you really think I have the mentality to be dealing with that right now? I barely have a stable mentality of my own, I JUST got a peace of mind TODAY. My co-worker even had to ask me “girl what’s wrong with you!? You just been gettin on EVERYBODY today!” and honestly, I was only playing with everyone, but I am noticing that. I’m noticing that I’ve become alot meaner in a short period of time.

So I get some relative happiness and I’m met with MORE depression!?

Okay…who is it?

Who wants me to lose my mind? Raise your hands high now!



I just want to stop being drained by everyone. I’ve been pinching my happiness off since last November and I can never seem to keep it because other people stay so absorbed in their own problems. I would LOVE to help you out with your problems (and I’m guessing nobody sees this sarcastic grin on my face through these words…) but can’t you wait til like….TOMORROW!?

I just don’t feel like hearing about the world ending today.

And if it does….

Well, oh well.



Oh. The hell. Well.


~ thinkblind ~


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