We Need Sidewalk Polices!

Okay! I’ve had it with these doggone pedestrians!

They are some TRIFLING individuals, now I SEE why people don’t mind runnin some of ya’ll over!

My specific annoying little tick are the people who, obviously think sidewalks are for the…. weaker folk. The ones who wanna get bold enough to walk on the curb of the road or even rides bikes in the MIDDLE of the road when there is CLEARLY a decent piece of sidewalk beside them!

UGH GAWD it makes me so ANGRY!!!

And then when you’re closing in on them they turn and look at you like “you won’t hit me”…


I almost hit a bike rider because he wanted to keep swerving in front of me and I’m trying to pass, here he goes swerving in front of me again, and he almost ALMOST got hit.

It would have been sweet, SWEET bliss but alas…

My freakin morals and good humanity kicked in and made me break but I was SOOOO gonna ram him over.

He eventually got on the sidewalk though. -____-”

I think that should be a law. If they are NOT crossing the street, pedestrians should HAVE to use a sidewalk if there is one nearby. If they are not, they should be ticketed. Point blank. If I have to be cautious about them crossing the street, they need to be cautious of me COMING. It’s only fair don’t you agree?

I mean what is so DEGRADING about using a sidewalk? Oh my gawd, I’m a RULE FOLLOWER!!! Let me walk on the curb! Yeah, I’m hard!


People are way too careless these days. I mean is it really gonna kill you to just use the pavement designed to SAVE YOUR LIFE!!!? Is it really?

Well I must say, if THAT is gonna kill you, you don’t wanna know what I’m thinkin about.



lol I’m just kidding.

Seriously, can we have some sidewalk polices PLEASE!?




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