What I Think About “Alone Time”

Haaa, sometimes I wonder if people understand the concept of quality time with yourself.

I dunno, the way I see it, being able to spend alone time by yourself tells alot about a person.

I’m not saying you have to be by yourself 24/7 to understand what I’m talking about either. That’s just MY preference lol. But I’m beginning to hear people say that they loathe being by themselves. They are just so sociable and rely on people so much that a little time to themselves, in a way, kills them.

Now being the extreme introvert I am, that completely knocked my socks off and set them on FIRE.

How can people like that exist!!!!!?

But I guess they’d say the same about me who spends a great deal strategizing (sp??) about how to avoid folks. lol

I was just truly amazed and I really couldn’t comprehend it. I mean, there’s not one minute of the day you can do without people?

But this is also where my ol’ random thoughts pour in. These people are usually the ones who complain about everybody and feel like the WORLD is against them and like no one is in their corner. They’re never happy until somebody makes them happy. People I’ve been trying to eliminate or lessen appearances of in my life.

I mean think about it, if it kills you to spend time with yourself, what makes you think somebody else wants to? lol I feel that the people afraid to get to know themselves probably already know they’re full of BS and want another voice around to tell them they’re not as crazy as they actually are. I mean what’s so bad about soaking in a bathtub full of bubbles and possibly a pint of peppermint ice cream? What’s SO horrible about having a movie night by yourself at times? What’s so irritating about reading a book, taking a long walk and snapping pics of the neighborhood? I’m not saying that people should always want to be by themselves, but what happens when no one’s available and you’re stuck with yourself? You can’t allow depression to seep in because you always need somebody.

These are the kind of people that make relationships and marriage scare me. It’s like dang don’t NEED ME so much! lol

I mean really? You hate being by yourself that much?

Then how do you think other folks feel…. -______-”



~ thinkblind ~


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