Curse My Naive Nature!

I’m one of those people who could probably easily get scammed. BUT, luckily, since I never go all the way through with things I feel sketchy about, I’ve never been scammed out of money or any valuables.

But I need to get more cold and unforgiving towards people. These scammers are cruel forever tugging on the heart strings man! I remember one time, I almost got scammed because I needed a job. I NEEDED one, but the main thing that ticked me off is my having to pay, and having to mail in a payment at that, just to get a notification or something. Whatever they said.

I almost got scammed again, looking for another job.

Almost got scammed by a “friend”, but fortunately (or unfortunately….=/) it was a friend I hadn’t spoke to in forever so just SEEING a message from them in my email raised a red flag.

So you would think I’m pretty good at not buying into scams right?

Yeah. I should’ve never hopped my happy ascot onto craigslist.

Trying to sell this freakin 3DS and somebody bids. All throughout this exchange of “are you selling” “sure” I saw all the red flags but I just needed the money so badly, I guess I was excusing it because he sounded “legit”.

From hereon out,

Words are just WORDS until the actions make them TRUE.

He doesn’t really have any of my *true* information. The phone number was a backup phone I use. Really the only thing that I carry with me is my email and I’m getting ready to shut that one down. And though he does have an address (to mail me this fraudulent check) it’s technically not my “true” address. I mean it is but it isn’t…feel me?

I guess I was being subconsciously smart, even though I was overwhelmingly stupid. I mean it’s CRAIGSLIST how could I think ANYTHING good was gonna come out of this? Listening to that doggone guy at the pawn shop (I was originally going to pawn it) telling me he does pretty good with Craigslist all the time. I’m going BACK to that man and getting whatever he gives me. Haaaa.

I don’t get it why am I being so stupid now? I’m usually very uptight about my information, very secure on everything I do, I google people I feel skeptical about like I get PAID to do it. Why was I being so stupid now? Incredibly stupid at that.

But I don’t know, I’ve been acting very irrational lately. I mean very. I don’t feel as calm and as peaceful as I used to. I feel stressed and bogged down and stuck everywhere I go. I’ve been noticing that I’ve been acting on “spur of the moments” and just acting without thinking I guess. And this was DEFINITELY a step without thinking.


Haa I feel like with all the baby steps I’ve taken to try and make some progress in my life, the wind has just knocked me back to the beginning. But things happen and people do stupid stuff at some point in their lives right? I’m admitting right now, I was beyond stupid. BEYOND IT. I mean really who DOES THAT!? I guess I just thought it would be like recieving a package, but it’s entirely different. I don’t know how to work Craigslist, that was my first “transaction”. But I promise you, I’ll never be back on again. smdh




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