I Need to Get Smart About Life {Part 1}

You know what I just realized this gloomy Saturday morning?

It’s sooo easy to remain in mess.

It’s so easy to just leave it there. To sit there dreaming about doing something different but then not doing it. It’s just easier to complain and it’s easier to see the changes everyone else, or even yourself, needs to make, but then never do anything to change it.

I’ve been trying to destress all morning going on a long drive singing to loads of songs that cheer me up and….it almost NEVER fails. Stress called me on my phone. lol I should literally go through all my contacts and retitle their names as “Stress. STRESS. And MORE STRESS.” lol It would be funny to have someone pick up my phone and be like “Hey girl, guess who’s calling you? Stress!” LMAO!

But anyways, I was just having an extreme visual of where I wanted my life to head and for the most part……great…and here comes the thunder. Just can’t stay positive about ANYTHING! lol

So let me try and make this…..oh never mind. I’ll be back.




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