I Need to Get Smart About Life {Part 2}

I’ve been thinking alot about what I wanna do and it always includes traveling somewhere and being in good health. I’m starting to even wonder if it would just be better for me to have a simplistic lifestyle right now. Downgrade the phone, downgrade the needs, I mean personally, I don’t mind it. But where do I start?

I guess I should start with finding another or a better job, whichever comes first. And I really I REALLY have to get tighter about my spending habits. I mean I have to budget more efficiently, pretty much like I’ll never get another check ever in my life. lol

I wanna get my passport! I wanna get in shape! I wanna do a ton of things that are just not in my cards right now. Because of money and stressing over stuff I really don’t need. Like my phone? It’s really no need to have it and have to pay a bill for it every month since I don’t use it like that anyway. I just have it really, for the apps and taking pictures. A simple $15 phone can recieve calls!

I mean I can have the big grand items, I could splurge if I really wanted to. But my mind and heart is so set on experiencing the world beyond all the mess I see and endure everyday, I don’t want it. I don’t want new stuff, upgraded stuff, modern up-to-date, don’t care. Honestly.

I’m bought ready to have a sale or something but…lol really don’t have that much to sell. lol! I’m thinking about crocheting hats and scarves and selling them, I mean people see my homemade items all the time and just love them. I may start there. Heck, I may even wash cars to earn some quick bucks! I’ll still be looking for a job but until I can find one, still need to eat. Still need gas, still need all of that.


I’m wondering and thinking. Thinking hard…..what could I be doing?….Hmmmm….




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