~ All I ask is that you be nice, courteous, and respectful. I’m open to constructive criticism, but purely negative feedback will not be tolerated ~

For right now, I am a jumble of thoughts under construction. I don’t know what you expect to see here, but I can give a general rundown. This blog is to help me learn to get my thoughts onto paper and help me shape the way I communicate. Not only that, but also to help me get comfortable with speaking and having others listen to me, hear my opinions, and learn how to hear opinions from others. How to accept feedback, whether positive or negative, how to get people to understand exactly what I’m feeling. How to not beat around the bush so much and get straight to the point. I know it’s easier to speak with the aid of a computer and free blogging website, but for me, it’s a start. Because someone like you will come by and still read what I have to say. You will judge me based on what I put out, and you will either like it or leave it.

I am usually one of not-so-many words, except when I write them. So what better way to start putting my thoughts out there besides to write them out first? I’ll get better at this, I will.

Ehhh, as for personal description…somewhat. I am twenty years old, I’m into…a whole bunch of stuff. Things such as writing (a durr), drawing, cooking…somewhat, playing the piano a bit, photography, crocheting, and I really love my big ol’ hair! lol Inside, I have an adventurous heart that wants to just branch out and do things but I have such a conservative mind it overwhelms what I want deep down sometimes because I fear disappointing those who feel they know me (don’t cha hate that?). This blog shall help me break free from that and start getting over what everyone has to say about me.

So thank you for tuning in. 😉

Have a beautiful day beautiful people.

~ thinkblind ~


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